Sydney Running Festival – 9km Bridge Runย 

I ended up participating in the 9km Bridge Run race today. I ran with a friend who has also been sick recently. Neither of us were anywhere near our peak or even recent fitness level. We agreed to implement a plan to run 800m then walk 200m for the entire distance. However we also agreed that if either of us needed to walk further or run slower, then we would. This race became all about enjoyment of the scenery and company and simply encouraging each other.


On the bridge

At least when I return next year for my deferred half marathon entry I won’t be as tempted to stop for selfies on the bridge. (I need to do something about my hair I think.)

It makes sense now that I think about it but I had always pictured aircraft carriers with a flat deck…

And it’s over. Nice bling. Possibly the prettiest in my collection to date.

Not a fast run but quite enjoyable. I’m grateful to have even been able to move after the lead up I’d had.

Post race 

As you can see, it was overcast and drizzly. Perfect weather for me to run in.

We caught a City Cat ferry (catamaran) home travelling under the bridge again. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at this bridge or the Opera House.

I’ll probably never stop being a tourist either. 

We also managed a mostly-walk at Parramatta parkrun yesterday. 

And since the deferred half marathon is still a year away, I found another one to do as a consolation prize. I will now be running the Central Coast Half Marathon at the end of November. 

Happy running!


20 minutes

Today I managed to jog a full 20 minutes, non stop, after a 5 minute warm up walk. I tried to show the marker on the picture below which shows where I was at the 15 minutes into the run mark (20 minutes into the session). At the bottom of the hill. Ouch. That last time up was really hard. About 3 minutes into the 20, I was regretting my almost 3km walk on the beach yesterday. Now I understand why you’re supposed to have a rest day.

20minAnyway, I made it through the full 20 and I was very happy with that. You might also notice that I was BORED. My training buddy had the day off and I was on my own. I don’t listen to music or anything, I just jog. I broke the monotony a little this morning by cutting through some of the other paths in the park.

And now without the distraction of the marker:


I notice two things: A fairly consistent pace on the jog and an obvious difference in speed/pace for the walk/jog. The really high peak in the pace is where I was detouring to my car to get my exercise mat, session plan and water, via the bushes I’d hidden my car keys under. It’s also when I took this photo showing how exhausted I was after the 20 minutes. Even the five minute cool down was a struggle!


On a brighter note, I have been powering along on my imaginary journey from Melbourne to Sydney. Almost 260km that I’ve recorded on the machines at the gym, or running/jogging, swimming or cycling. I have made it to Bowser, just north of Wangaratta. 10.5km since Saturday morning has helped.


Although I’ve covered more kilometres in the past six months than in the first five months, I don’t think I’m going to reach Sydney by the end of the year. I would need to do over 10km per day with no rest days. Not likely to happen unless I do one big, long ride somewhere.  Might be time to reassess/restate this goal.

Speaking of Sydney, I will be in Sydney this Friday for an official function (more on that after the event). I will also be in Sydney on 24th November for a conference/dinner and I read today about another Womens Triathlon Festival which will be run on 25th November. I’m considering entering. The swim is 50m longer (250m) than the one I did two weeks ago and the bike is 4km longer (10km total) but the run is the same (2km). The swim is a straight 250m โ€“ no turns. At the same venue as my first triathlon in March 2011. That time, I did 150m swim, 10km bike, 1.5km run. I’m thinking of signing up. That would mean I’ll have done TWO, count them, TWO, triathlons in ONE season! A new personal record! It would be a big drive home that afternoon on my own though and back to work Monday.

Big decisions. It would be fun, but I need to get home in one piece too.