12WBT Photos

This first photo is not officially a 12WBT photo. It was taken before I realised I was getting fat. It triggered the start of my weight loss journey about 5 years ago.



I don’t even really remember looking like that. I know it’s me in the photo though. LOL.

I lost 17.5kg following the Tony Ferguson program (down to 71.4kg) then had some minor surgery, put on 10kg and have hovered around 80kg for the last three years (roughly). Up to 82, down to 74 back up to 83, down to 77.

In April 2011 I decided to try the Biggest Loser Club. It worked too until I stopped using the diary to record my food intake and became lazy again. This was my ‘before’ photo when I started (80kg).

August 2011 at 76.5kg.

The day I signed up for my first round of 12WBT (Round 2, 2012) I was 80kg. Again.

By the end of the warm-up and pre-season tasks, I got down to 76.7 which is my official start weight for the program. Here are some photos taken 2nd June 2012. 12WBT starts on 4th June.


By the end of my first round (Round 2, 2012) I was 73.7kg (had been down to 72.9 but slackened off in the last few weeks). These photos were taken on 22nd August 2012.

Starting Round 3, 25th August (72.9kg):

End Round 3/Start Round 4 – 16th November 2012 (72.2kg): I think I was having a bloated day…


Photos from end of Round 4 coming soon…

I am going to break that elusive 70kg barrier very soon. Stay tuned for more photos at the end of my next round.


5 thoughts on “12WBT Photos

  1. Pippa says:

    This is a very courageous way to make yourself “accountable”. I’m very proud of you, and greatly encouraged by your determination to achieve the goals you have set. Go Heather!!! I really appreciate Mr K’s support for you too, love, Mum

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