It’s about time…

It’s about time I came back with my race reports!

Standard distance race report:

Swim = Horrible

Bike = OK

Run = Walk

Enticer superhero race report: Fun, fun, fun.


The swim was two laps with a short run (walk) along the beach between each lap. There was a massive swell. Someone said 1.8m. The waves weren’t breaking on us but they were stopping me from swimming. I don’t get much practice with waves or chop in my local 25m indoor pool!

Two things got me through the first lap:

  • Knowing I couldn’t drown in my new super-duper wetsuit, and
  • Knowing that when I got to shore they would tell me it was too rough so they were cancelling the second lap.


Only they didn’t tell me that. I spent 5 minutes on shore debating whether to attempt the second lap. My garmin had registered 1.1km for the first half of a 1.5km swim. I debated how many water safety peoples’ lives I would be risking by trying to go around again. Even after I waded back in to the point that I had to start swimming, I stopped. I pondered. I debated back and forth. I decided I’d spent a lot of money getting there and entering, and buying a wetsuit so I might as well try to finish.


I was not in as much of a hurry as the person in the green cap!

This photo is deceptive. The water looks flat. The waves were huge. I reckon that is one wave showing here from the foamy break line to the top of the water/sky horizon, not a wide expanse of water.

The second lap wasn’t quite as bad, maybe because I was telling myself I’d survived it once I could survive again, or maybe because the swell had dropped a little. I will never know. I DO know, I drank a lot of sea water in that hour. I also know that my new wetsuit was worth every cent. It did not give me any grief at all. I didn’t have to adjust it or fight against it. It was just there keeping me afloat. A far cry from the panic-inducing first wetsuit swim I did.


Off onto the bike. I have often joked that a benefit of being a slow swimmer is that it’s easy to find your bike in transition. Here’s proof.

Here I come. Still not in any kind of rush.


There I go.


The bike was okay. Because the swim took so much longer than expected my nutrition plan had to be adjusted on the fly. I had no idea what to do about all the sea water I’d swallowed. My electrolyte drink sort of burned as it passed down my salt-affected throat. Water was okay. The bike was three laps. The first time up the biggish hill, I thought “this isn’t as bad as I remember”. The second time was every bit as bad as I remembered. On the third time around I had a headwind.


Off onto the run. Oh boy. There’s all that salt water. It was sloshing around inside my tummy making me feel ill. I kept thinking if I could stir it up enough to get it out, I’d feel great but I couldn’t push myself to that point and ended up run/walking. I walked about half. I would run until I felt sick and walk until it felt manageable.


I went into this race thinking it would be an easy PB over the distance given my recent training paces. I could not have been more wrong. I was slower by about the same time I thought I’d be quicker.

Although I know I have a lot of room for improvement both physically and mentally, I can see that I have come a long way mentally. Not long ago I probably would have given up at the end of the first swim lap.


And I most certainly would not have got back in the water that afternoon, in a costume no less, for another race. The waves were still big, but not quite as big. And the race was shorter.


Superhero race entrants

The crowd was more enthusiastic out on the bike course with cheers of “go wonder woman” or variations on that theme.


Same on the run/walk. I was encouraged to call on my super powers. I joked that they’d been taken from me for bad behaviour.


So the day was up and down, much like the water in the swim.

Doing the superhero race with friends (we planned our matching outfits) was a fantastic way to end the season.



I don’t know where this image came from, I saved it to my phone a long time ago. Looks like facebook according to the top right hand corner. It’s not a page I follow. It does a good job of summarising how I feel about these races.


Because we stayed an extra night after the race we got to have a delicious late breakfast at a beachside cafe and discovered our own little Aussie slice of Egypt (sand, pyramids and camels) at Birubi Beach!



6 thoughts on “It’s about time…

  1. It was a really fun day and I think you can see the waves better on the superhero shot and trust me they were a lot smaller by then. I was scared about my race when I saw how big the waves were in your race Heather! And it was raining while you were swimming.

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