2017 Jindy Training Camp

I survived the training camp at Jindabyne. What a relief. 


Climbing to the top of Mt Kosciuszko

Completing my longest bike ride to date. There were some rests in this time.

Riding from Little Thredbo to Thredbo and back. I walked up 3 or 4 hills.

Where to for 2017?

Half marathons in March and September

Sprint triathlons in May and October
How will I do it? Careful planning, time management and no excuses. 

Over the past two years I have been deliberately removing possible excuses from my life.

I replaced my shoe laces with elastic laces so I have no reason to stop and check/tie laces when running.

We have downsized our home from 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 acres of grass to a small 2 bedroom flat in a duplex (less cleaning, less tidying, fewer belongings). 

I am no longer on any committees.

I have no regular commitments other than work. I don’t usually make new year resolutions but this year I am determined to avoid being too busy to do grocery shopping and cooking. If asked to do anything requiring regular attendance, whether 2 weeks or 6 months, my answer will be no. Just for 12 months. 

My theory is that this will mean fewer late night deadlines which in turn will hopefully result in fewer skipped morning training sessions. More consistent training, better eating and time to reconnect with family and friends at short notice.

It will be hard, I’m sure. I thought I would have time to commit to posting regularly on this blog but that’s another commitment. I will probably post more often but I won’t be committing to a regular schedule. 

No excuses left! 


5 thoughts on “2017 Jindy Training Camp

  1. Good on you. It’s easy to allow life to swamp you and end up being so busy that it’s an excuse not to do the things you actually really want to do.
    I’ve unofficially declared 2017 the Year of No.

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