2016, where are you? 

It is hard to believe that it’s already late on 2nd January 2017. 2016 has flown. 

In October I signed up for the Forster Sprint triathlon at the last minute. I still wasn’t feeling great and training was ordinary but this was just for fun. No expectations. 

I was happy to see one of the official photos showing me actually leaning into a corner!

Then at the end of November, I completed my second half marathon (Central Coast). The course was out and back and hugged the coastline of the bay. It was hot though and I am still struggling to get back to where I was with my running. I went into the race with a plan to run 5 minutes then walk 1 minute. Unfortunately, I was stuck near a group running together. I think it was wonderful that they were all out there supporting each other but they were using both sides of the path and I had to sprint to pass them. Then when I got to my walks they would pass me again. I eventually managed to get far enough ahead by skipping a couple of walks but I overdid it. 


My original goal for Sydney was 2:20. My modified would-be-super-happy goal for Central Coast based on training quantity and paces was 2:30 but I wasn’t confident I would even make 2:45. Final time was 2:38 which was more than 10 minutes faster than my first half. So much easier when you don’t injure yourself. There was A LOT of walking in the second half. 

Approx 16km in. One parkrun to go. Photo credit to my very supportive husband.

And there was a medal. And a longest run on my new watch. My longest training run leading into this race was only 12km.

Also in November, my home parkrun won a local council sports development award. Our team was quite stoked. Over 180 different people had volunteered at Tamworth parkrun in the 12 months of the award period. Such a simple yet amazingly effective concept.

In December, I stood down as the Tamworth parkrun event director and did a bit of parkrun tourism. I was hoping to visit my 20th different parkrun by the end of the year. I did my 20th on 31st December.

Mt Penang parkrun, November

Narrabri parkrun, December. This one was special as a friend from Tamworth joined me for a road trip leaving at some ungodly hour to be there and we met up with another friend who was a Narrabri local. It was a very small crowd and I ended up first in age category with a slowish run/walk.

Forster parkrun with my mum, December. This was only their third or fourth week. I’m so excited about it launching because I was travelling 30min to Taree whenever I visited my parents. Usually the morning after driving 3.5 hours to their place. This is a stunning 3 lap coastal course.

Ginninderra parkrun, 31st December. My 60th parkrun, 20th different course and 5th State/Territory (NSW, Qld, Tas, NT, ACT). Also the first single loop parkrun I’ve done. Another pretty location but a bit lonely behind the runners and ahead of the walkers.

Tuggeranong parkrun, 1st January. I look like I’m running alone but I was one of 263 who turned up for the New Year’s Day event. No 1st in age category at this one. And the friend from Narrabri was also there unexpectedly! It was nice to see a familiar face amongst all the other friendly faces.

So what does 2017 hold? Who knows. I considered quitting triathlons and running altogether several times recently but I really do enjoy it, especially the running. Right now, I’m in Jindabyne at a triathlon training camp which I’d booked in July. I didn’t think about the terrain  (winter ski country) at the time. Tomorrow’s ride from Little Thredbo to Thredbo, on the roads no less, is going to be both a mental and physical challenge. I generally avoid hills as much as possible. 

The lake is beautiful though. We did a swim and run today along with some tyre/tube changing practice.

Still hoping for a sub 30 min 5km. I have signed up for the Port Macquarie Running Festival half marathon in March. I have the deferred Sydney Half Marathon to doin Sydney and a few triathlons thrown into the mix. 

I hope you’re all having a great start to the year. All the best for 2017!


4 thoughts on “2016, where are you? 

  1. I’d say a pretty wonderful 2016 and here’s to a wonderful 2017. Congratulations to Tamworth parkrun on the award, great to see a local council recognising the fabulousness of parkrun x

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