Where have the last couple of months gone? I haven’t had anything interesting or enlightening to say so I have been using my time being inspired by many other bloggers.

I’ve managed to break my diet coke addiction. I had been drinking 2-3 cans or bottles per day towards the end of 2015. On 1st January I went cold turkey and had none until about a week ago. And even then, I only drank a few mouthfuls because I’ve lost the taste for it. Next step, cutting back on the chocolate intake.

I haven’t run a 30min 5km yet and don’t seem to be getting any closer but my training has been rather erratic.

I did a race on the weekend though, so for those who are interested, here are some photos taken by various friends/family, or stolen from the race organiser’s facebook page.

My goals were pretty much non-existent going into this race. I only decided to go because there was a big group going from my local tri club. There were seven of us staying in a share house and several others staying with family or other small groups.

We even rode TO the race in the morning. I didn’t think about getting home afterwards… One lady who was running for a team drove a car to the race with all our gear bags though which was quite helpful.

The race was a non-standard distance of 500m swim (in a bay, so semi open water and just a bit of swell to deal with), 25km bike with one REALLY (for me) steep hill on a two-lap course, 6km run on trails/road/beach.


It was nice to be able to chat with people I knew while waiting for the briefing to start.


Walking 500m along the beach (hidden under high tide) to get to the start of the swim. Then we just swam in a straight line back to this point.


Made it back to shore! I need to find some sand to practise running on somewhere near home if I’m going to keep entering coastal triathlons.


Still running on sand – a couple of hundred metres from shore to transition area. The guys in this photo started 4 minutes after my wave…

SWR10At the end of the 25km ride, trying to understand why the dismount line was just after a bend on a downhill slope. In a lot of the other photos, there are kangaroos on the grass near the road.


Definitely need more practice running on sand.


But here I am!


My shoes were quite soggy by the end – I didn’t get out of the way of a rogue wave. (I’m not in this photo if you’re trying to find me – it was included to show the conditions.)


Post-race icecream treat. Mmmm. Why have I never tried salted caramel before????


Some of the group from Tamworth Tri club.


I have no idea who these guys are but I had to look twice to work out that the guy in the cap has a white zipper down the front of his trisuit. I thought it was something else at first… Ewwww.


Official results. Still plodding away. This race has renewed my determination to lose my excess weight – it’s the only way I’m going to improve. (The bike time includes two long walks to transition and my transition times.)


At first I thought the medal was a bit boring, but I do like the words.

Swim strong, cycle fast, run to win.


I’m not really sure what’s coming next. Part of me still wants to push for my 30min 5km run. A big part of me wants to improve my triathlon performances (although I told my coach that I’d like to focus on increasing run speed and triathlons are “just for fun” for the time being). Another part of me would be happy to just maintain, and be fit and well enough to go for social walks and runs with friends. I’m looking at a number of different races but haven’t entered any yet. My next club race is in two weeks, and I’ve still got parkrun happening most weekends.

It is possible that I’ll reach my 50 parkrun milestone this year, and I created an album on facebook to collate my parkrunning photos. I’ll share some of my favourites next time maybe.


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