Half Marathon!

I had three goals going into this race.
1. Finish
2. Within cutoff time
3. Without needing medical assistance

I said to some friends that I’d be happy with an under 3 hour finish, very happy with 2:45 and ecstatic with 2:30 (which was my training and race plan).

For the first time, my body gave out before my head did. But I managed to keep my head in the game despite the pain to finish with a walk/run combination and an official time of 2:48. So I’m very happy with my result. And equally happy that it’s over and I never have to do it again.


First and last half marathon completed.



Which reminds me, this was my first personalised race bib. This was great at the back of the pack because the spectators had time to read it and could cheer you by name.

An enjoyable race when all is said and done.



16 thoughts on “Half Marathon!

  1. Lynne Davis says:

    Well done! You are quite amazing. Your determination must be respected and I hope to be always on the same side as you!! I agree that a framed bib is compulsory.

  2. Congratulations on a great race! But don’t say “never again”. I remember thinking (about 3 years ago) that a half marathon was only for “real runners” and that I didn’t belong there. I felt like a fraud when I showed up and kept expecting someone to point at me and tell me that I shouldn’t be there. It is now my favorite running distance and I run one every chance I get. You had a great race! Congratulations! And, yes, frame that bib. I have all of my medals hanging on the walls of my exercise room as motivation, including a frame with my bib, medal and photos of my biggest racing event. You earned it!

  3. Congratulations on the finish. That is so huge. Learning how to push when the body gives is the hardest thing to learn when pushing runnng distance. Once again congratulations.

  4. You continue to AMAZE me with your exploits and incredible achievements! You have really travelled outside your comfort zone, and now you seem to be a sojourner there (outside your comfort zone)! What is it called when the new “comfort zone” is so F_A_R from where it used to be???? You have certainly extended the borders beyond where I ever thought you would go. I am SO proud of you and pleased for you in your latest triumph! 🙂 Mum

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