Feeling Fab at 40

Today, I have finally turned 40. The last few years have been an incredible journey. Many people who knew me five years ago would not believe what I have done recently, and plan to continue doing.

So many people have encouraged, supported and inspired me from the sidelines, through cyberspace, or in person. If I tried to list them, I’d miss some I’m sure, so I won’t. And I’ll hope that if/when they read this, they’ll know who they are.

I am now in training for a half marathon. When I turned 30, I’m not sure I really even knew what a marathon was – other than “a long race at the olympics”.

Over the Easter weekend, my training plan had three 8km runs! 24km in four days with just one rest day between runs two and three? Hard to imagine, but I did it. Sure, I walked a bit – dolphins just have a habit of stopping foot traffic. But I did it.

Friday 3rd April: 8.06km, 1 hr 6 min

Beat the surfers to the beach, a rare off-road stretch, pelicans waiting for their version of fast food, completed run pic, beautiful crucifix orchid (or so I’m told) which was rather fitting for Good Friday.


Saturday 4th April: 8.06km, 59 min 28 sec in the rain


Monday 6th April: 8.06km, 56 min 56 sec – no photo stops


I also celebrated my birthday early – in style. My mum made and decorated this wonderful cake.


In more detail, here is the swim,




and run. Complete with jelly baby spectators!


It tasted as good as it looked!

Last weekend, I travelled to Coolah for a good friend’s 40th. Sunday morning, I did my first 11km run in a long time.


On the Saturday morning, I had taken more than a minute off my PB for the Tamworth parkrun course (under 34 min for the first time on that course). I was surprised I had anything left for the 11km Sunday run (which was 1min/km slower than Saturday, but within the goal pace range).


Today, I received my training program for the next month. Just for fun, my coach has set me a plan to run a marathon in 8 days (remember not so long ago when I was happy that I ran a marathon in a month?) Saturday 9th to Saturday 16th May I have runs from 2km – 10km but mostly 5km for a total of 42km. I’ll have to get that pesky 0.2km in as well.

I’m meeting some friends in the morning for a run so I should head off to bed.



Thank you one and all, I’m feeling incredibly blessed, spoilt and special.


8 thoughts on “Feeling Fab at 40

    • Thanks. 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever be aiming for a marathon as a one-off distance. I’m also impressed by people who can do that. I’ll be spreading mine out over 8 days!

  1. Happy birthday!! Great milestone for reflection, and you have achieved so much already – good luck for the half-marathon! Awesome cake too 🎂

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