Where does the time go? It is almost two months since my last post. At that time, I announced that I’d committed to doing an olympic distance triathlon before I turned 40. Well, this time in 5 weeks, I will have completed that race. My wonderful hubby has offered to come with me to act as chauffeur and photographer. I wasn’t looking forward to the drive home after the race (about 5 hours drive I think).

I’ve had a crazy start to the year. 10 days after my last post, our house was advertised for sale. We have now sold, signed contracts, and we’ll have moved in 6 weeks.

On 13th November I typed that I had completed another 1031.1km of training or racing. This took 10 months and got me from Melbourne to Port Augusta on my virtual training trek around Australia.

Since then, in less than 3 months, I’ve covered 599.7km (why oh why, didn’t I do an extra 300m???). So I’ve made it to Calpatan Waterhole Conservation Park! I’ve started doing a bit more cycling in the lead-up to my big triathlon. That helps to ramp up the training kilometre tally.


Speaking of cycling, I finally bought a road bike. One of the best features, is that it fits in the back of the car without having to take the front wheel off! BONUS! I am struggling to get used to the different gear set up so I labelled them. Unfortunately, I labelled them backwards. I realised, when I thought “Ok, time to get into an easier gear”.

“Oh. That’s not easierโ€ฆ must already be in the easy gear.” #labellingfail

I feel like I’m starting from scratch again though and wish I had taken the plunge and bought a road bike from the outset. Instead, I fell into the trap of thinking I wasn’t serious enough or good enough to warrant or justify it.

I finally got my first “stack” out of the way a few weeks ago. The bruises have faded and I had no serious injuries. Perhaps more importantly (Winking smile) my bike wasn’t damaged in any way either.


In other non-cycling news, I signed up for a half marathon! On July 5th, I’ll be doing my first (and probably only) half marathon. It’s a flat course (I’m told) and it starts at 6am, in winter, so the weather should be perfect conditions for me. I really don’t handle exercising in the heat.

My “year of being 40” is going to be memorable to say the least! I hope you have all had a great start to the year as well! I can hardly believe it is February already.

Do you mark milestone birthdays with significant events?


4 thoughts on “#GCAM15

  1. Philippa says:

    I think milestones birthdays ARE the significant event! ๐Ÿ˜‰ However I think your special way of turning 40 is more than A memorable event. I can’t put into words just how amazing you have shown yourself to be. I am SO proud of you and thrilled with the wonderful support and encouragement that your wonderful husband gives. You are truly amazing! Go Heather! You ATHLETE you! Mum

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