Made it to Port Augusta

On 19th January this year I posted that I had reached Melbourne on my virtual journey around Australia tracking kilometres completed in training. It took me two years to do that 851.6km trek.

Yesterday morning I had 21.6 km to go. I did my online cycling group session but finished with 19.9km. I decided I would get up Friday morning and go for a short run to tip me over the edge.

This afternoon I went to bootcamp and had my garmin on so I could track my heart rate and calorie burn. Waddayaknow, we did a bit of running today and I clocked up my final 1.7km! Click here for proof. I didn’t even realise until I synced the watch when I got home.

So, in just 10 months I have completed another 1031.1km of training or racing. That’s a huge increase on the two years prior, and an average of over 100km per month. My brain can’t comprehend that. It’s starting to sink in though, that while I’m still carrying some excess weight and I’m still a slow runner, I am becoming an athlete! Amazing.

portaugusta done

Over the past three years, I have trained my way from Sydney to Port Augusta.


Where to next? Eucla. Just over the border into Western Australia. 1,235km. How long will that take? Who knows? Who cares? As long as I have fun doing it and stay injury free!


Apologies to my Tasmanian friends and followers… perhaps I’ll do a short circuit of the island once I’m made it back to Sydney. I didn’t like the idea of the swim across the strait.

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