I ran a marathon

I have started this post too many times to count.

But first, a clarification. When I selected the title for my previous post “Life“, I had intended taking an entirely different approach. It was to be a rather melancholy essay on the number of half-completed books, projects and plans I have and how demoralising it is.

It was over a month ago that I wrote that post and it was nothing like what I’d planned in my head. It’s hard to believe we have been back home again for four and a half weeks. I’m back into my training plans (recover week this week – yippee) and have registered for a couple of fun runs.

When did I have time to run a marathon? Never. But I did run 48.52 km while away on our trip! It’s amazing how quickly I can notch up the kilometres when I’m not trying to swim or ride as well. And when the busyness of life’s commitments isn’t stealing my exercise time. I’m not sure I’ve EVER run that many kilometres in a month. I am staggered when people say they’ve run over 200km in a month.


I just looked at the totals history on my garmin watch for the first time, and I have recorded over 1,000km of running and cycling since I bought it, and have used it for over 100 hours!

I haven’t given an update on my virtual training journey from Melbourne to Port Augusta for a while either. I have just 145km to go. It took me two years to complete the 600km or so virtual trek from Sydney to Melbourne and now I have almost completed this 1051km leg of my virtual journey in 9 months! I must be fitting in more training than I realised, and I guess I’m a little bit faster too now so I can cover more km in the same time.garmin

Life has been pretty crazy again recently (how many times have I said I’m trying to get it under control?) and parkrun launched in my hometown last Saturday. I have been part of the main organising team so it was a huge relief when everything went smoothly for the 131 participants. 121 of them were first-timers who had never done a parkrun before. Most of the volunteers had never done a parkrun before either. Looking forward to this Saturday – and every Saturday after that. Tamworth parkrun is here to stay!

Tamworth parkrun

I don’t have any major triathlon races planned. I had considered the sprint distance at Forster next month but can’t justify the expense of getting there (or the entry) after our little trip to the other side of the world…

However, I have registered for the 5km event at the Armidale Fun Run (I did this last year too). My not-so-secret goal is to go under 33 minutes for the first time ever. 6:30 pace kilometres would give me a 32min 30second result. I am currently running 7 minute kilometres over that distance. I am running at around 6:30 pace over shorter distances – I have 32 days to work up to it over 5km.



I love this photo of our parkrun volunteers preparing for the “volunteers of the week” photo.


I have also registered for a 5.5km Variety fundraising Santa fun run which should be a lot of fun! A santa suit is included in the entry fee!

I managed to come home from our trip the exact same weight I left. It’s a shame I can’t say I’m still at that weight. However, I am determined to get serious about it. Again. My 40th birthday is creeping up on me and I’d like to be mostly on my way to fit and healthy before then. To that end, I have also registered for an eight-week bootcamp which starts next Tuesday.

So yes, I still have those half-read books, half-completed projects and half-cleaned house but I’m dealing with it and moving on. Life’s too short but the days are getting longer so it’s time to enjoy them. And strangely, I do enjoy my new exercise regime. *Words I never thought I’d utter.

Happy running, cycling, swimming, whatever-it-is-you-do-ing!

Until next time, Heather.


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