And this is why I like parkrun as well. I’m only up to 4 but there’s one starting here in late September so I should be able to get a few more under my belt soon.

Unsporty Women Can Run


parkrun. Visit the parkrun Australia web site and you will see this message scroll across your screen:

From beginners to Olympians… parkrun is for everyone

Open to all, simple to enter… join the parkrun family

Running… was never easier

Three simple statements that are played out at hundreds and hundreds of parkrun events across the world each Saturday morning.


A simple concept, driven by volunteers, that has taken the running world by storm. parkrun isn’t advertised like other events are advertised. It’s usually by word of mouth and social media that runners hear about it.


Saturday was a bit of a tentative run for me, a testing out of the lungs. Janette ran with me and we literally chatted ALL the way. That’s all the way. From start line to finish line. We ran the 5km course in just slightly over 28:00. It was so much fun. Lungs held up well…

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2 thoughts on “parkrun

  1. Hope to see you one day! Make sure you introduce yourself if you do, and if I ever head down south I’ll do the same. 🙂 I loved this post (sorry if I should have asked first if I could reblog it – and I have also shared it on facebook).

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