Where does the time go? It’s already 6 weeks since I last posted… Much has happened in that time.

I ran my second parkrun. Finally. I attended Logan River parkrun in Queensland. It just happened to be their 1st birthday celebration and it had an 80s theme. I even dragged a friend with me (the lady we were staying with for the weekend). We arrived at her place at 12.30am and managed to get to parkrun by 6.45am!


We have been running for about the same time (a couple of years) but never together as we haven’t lived in the same town for over a decade. I can now say that I have a deep appreciation for every person who has ever had the patience to slow down their running to run at my pace. I didn’t have to back off much to stick with her but enough to feel it. I can honestly say “I’ve never said that before”. I didn’t run a PB but it was great to be out running with someone instead of on my own.

On the topic of parkrun, Tamworth parkrun has announced it’s official launch date – 27th September. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I am soooo looking forward to it.

Also on the topic of parkrun, I am travelling to the UK for a month soon and I was hoping to fit in a couple of parkruns. We’re doing an organised bus tour though and none of the towns we’re in on Saturdays have parkruns yet. And I don’t know how early the bus will be heading off anyway. UK parkruns start at 9am too – a bit later than here. I thought about doing a “freedom run” around the Bushy Park parkrun course (where parkrun started 10 years ago) as we are visiting the palace next door but logistically it’s too hard with running clothes etc if I then need to carry them around with me all day and I don’t really fancy traipsing through a palace for several hours hot, stinky and sweaty. I’m sure the other tourists wouldn’t enjoy the experience either.

Instead, I am planning to simply go for a nice easy 30 minute jog most mornings (if I feel safe in whatever city/town we happen to be in).

Still on the parkrun theme, I’m off to Armidale this weekend for their parkrun launch. My third parkrun! Yippee. Expecting it to be a little cool. I may look like the abominable snowman. Or the michelin man. Or something.


Next challenge: Miss Muddy Brisbane

This was so much fun! I took my waterproof digital camera with me so I managed to get some good photos. Free photos were included with the registration fee but for some reason the ones of our wave at the mud pit haven’t appeared. Again, the best bit of this event was doing it with a group of friends. It was a women only event so there was a strong emphasis on fun and teamwork. Everyone helped each other over the obstacles.

Balancing beamBlowup tube thingColourWall1Finish2FoamFriendsHanging aroundMudpitMudpit2Walls


Next challenge: Time management

I am struggling at the moment. I have overcommitted myself. Too many projects on the go at once. This has me sitting on the computer at 11.30pm, having done NONE of what I left somewhere early to come home to do, and knowing I have to be up at 5.15am if I want to get my training session done tomorrow. . 4 hours ago. When I start to become overwhelmed by the size of my to do list (both the length, and the magnitude of the items on it) besides doing none of the list, I also tend to neglect my meal planning and grocery shopping. Then we eat badly (not as badly as we used to, but not as well as we could), and a vicious cycle of being frustrated with myself begins. Why is it so hard to just “suck it up” and “act your age”. I don’t want to be the mature adult I know I need to be if I really want to get everything done that I’ve said I will do. I’d much rather kick back with a good book. Or shock! Horror! go for a run. Unfortunately, the times when I do feel like “just going for a run” are usually dark and cold and it’s not safe.

I was having a particularly down day yesterday. Here is an excerpt from my weekly feedback email to my coach:

I am battling a cold (trying to kick it before we go overseas in 3 weeks!) and am basically feeling overwhelmed with “life”. I have so many half-done projects on the go and nothing that I ever seem to manage to finish before something more urgent comes along. Feel like I’m failing at everything. Dropped the ball at the end of my year as president of toastmasters and others had to pick up the pieces. Still training other ladies in the office to do my work while I’m away. Tamworth parkrun to do list starting to get longer and not much time to get it done. And so on.

Don’t think I’ll be able to have the entry fee saved up for Forster tri due to my holiday. This then leads to no concrete goal and no motivation to do my training. Still have Forster in the back of my mind if I can get the money together. Having said that – there are days when I feel like just going for a run but it’s usually dark or cold and it doesn’t feel safe. I never get that feeling about swimming or cycling. Wondering if maybe I should just focus on running primarily – I seem to enjoy it even if I don’t do it well. Running races generally cheaper and easier to get to. Easier to convince others to do it as well. Then just keep plodding along at the Tamworth Tri Club for fun.

Anyway lots of stuff floating around my head – not much of it productive.

As you can see, I don’t always type in full sentences when giving feedback to her. It’s more a “stream of consciousness” exercise like we used to do at school.

Then as I was procrastinating (something I’ve exceptionally good at) last night, my best friend’s daughter posted on facebook “Like for one word description” or something similar to that. I can’t find it now to check. Noone else had liked it yet so I thought why not? I liked her post and within a few moments I received this on my wall:


The timing was perfect. The second comment on the post was from my coach. Tomorrow is a new day and I really MUST tick some things off my list tomorrow night. If you see me on facebook you’d better tell me to grow up.   : )

I find it funny how many people tell me (and others) that I run marathons. I have never run a marathon. Not even a half marathon. And I don’t really have any plans to. My longest running race was an 11km. My longest triathlon was 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. I guess in total that’s more than a half marathon but I didn’t have to run all the way.

So, in honour of all my friends who think I run marathons, here is a picture I saw in a group on facebook tonight. Sorry I don’t have anywhere to credit it to.


If it’s yours, or you know where the original came from, please comment and I’ll give credit.


6 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Philippa Murray says:

    For some of us, any distance beyond the end of the street IS a marathon!!! I agree with the Facebook word: MOTIVATED. You are motivated in many ways, and NOT just for self-benefit. It’s because you are motivated to help others that you take on the other bits and pieces that many others don’t do. Juggling priorities will be a constant companion throughout your life and, NO, you won’t always get it right – none of us does – but at least you are there, MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the world for yourself and others. LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I am extremely proud of you, Mum

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