One hundred

What a nice, even, round number.

This morning I clocked up 101.8km done already since I started my next virtual journey – not even two weeks ago. Most of that has been cycling. I am participating in the Tour of Sufferlandria (Sufferfest). It is HARD WORK! And intense. 11 hours of cycling in one week. I have no other training on my program this week and next week is a recovery week. There have been some very early mornings – 4.45am alarms for 5.15am starts. I had my banana and muesli bar out last night in preparation. I got up this morning to find the following encouraging messages on my banana (courtesy of my brother-in-law who is staying here temporarily).


For the first time, my “training” sessions have been long enough for me to have to start thinking about hydration, electrolytes and nutrition.

This morning I did a 2 hour session. I don’t think my butt has forgiven me yet. I managed a PR of 23.2km. This is the session that ticked me over the 100km mark. Certainly getting some kilometres under my belt faster than my last virtual journey.

It is also exactly 100 days until my next goal triathlon which is stepping up to the Sprint distance. I haven’t registered for the event yet…

I have also signed up to a project/challenge website I stumbled across called Give it 100. I have committed to sticking to my triathlon training program exactly for 100 days. Today was day 4.

I’m looking forward to next week’s training schedule. 4 rest days plus one day with another small enticer race at Tamworth Tri Club. Bliss.



In other news…

I’m planning a visit to Newy parkrun in a couple of weeks. Finally. And Tamworth parkrun has officially been announced – just a few loose ends to tie up before a launch date is set. How exciting!!!


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