3 month snapshot

It has been three long months since my last post. The high points were:

  • running a 5km fun run in Armidale in November with the lady I started running with way back in February of this year. It was her first fun run.
  • Rediscovering fitbox classes
  • Joining an 8-week bootcamp
  • Joining the Tamworth Tri Club again and competing in their first event this year. Last time I joined I didn’t make it to a single race.

The low points were:

  • Tearing my calf (gastrocnemius) while at bootcamp
  • Not being able to finish bootcamp
  • Having to pull out of the mudrun obstacle course I’d registered for
  • Realising I am unlikely to reach Melbourne on my virtual training journey before the end of the year

A few weeks ago I contacted the government supported Get Healthy program. My mentor/helper/contact at the program has been very supportive and encouraging, coming up with lots of ideas how I can try to get my food intake (and food choice) under control. Until I pulled my calf, I pretty much had the exercise working. Running, cycling, fitbox, balance class…

Nutrition, water intake and sleep continue to be my biggest obstacles. Aside from not losing my excess kilos, I feel sluggish. And it’s expensive! On the days I eat badly and duck up to the corner shop or servo at lunchtime to buy something to “get me through the afternoon”, I can easily spend five or six dollars. Five days a week, and that’s adding up to serious money. Money that could be better spent paying race entry fees and travel costs.

I have finally realised (again, perhaps) that the days and weekends when I get enough sleep, are much better. If I’m carrying a sleep deficiency (almost all the time at the moment), I am more likely to pig out on rubbish food.

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions so I’m simply deciding now that I am REALLY going to commit to my ultimate goal of completing an olympic distance triathlon before I turn 40. Why wait until January 1?

To that end, I have stepped down from a major volunteer position I had and also withdrew my membership of a club I’ve been a member of for years. Now I just need to avoid wasting my newly found “spare time” playing candy crush, or blogging, or being irresponsible. It is time to grow up and do the things I should.

I am still (mostly) following the programs assigned by my triathlon coach (who incidentally ran an ironman last weekend and qualified for an age-group place at the world championships in Hawaii for next year). My mini goal is to do the sprint triathlon in Penrith in May 2014. 750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run. 149 days to go. I haven’t registered yet.

I’m waiting until I get confirmation I can run again. My physio has given me a strength test. When I can pass it, I’m allowed to run again. The biggest hurdle with it is that I can’t even do it with my good leg! So, I’m doing the strength and stretch exercises for both legs. If I never manage to pass the test, then their recommendation is that I only enter team events and have someone else do the run leg. I don’t want that to happen.

My attempt at the novice/enticer event at the local tri club (100m swim, 5km bike, 1km run – I think) left me exhausted. An older lady swimming breaststroke swam faster than I did with freestyle. I have purchased a DVD and book from http://www.totalimmersion.net/ and am retraining myself. Teaching myself to swim more efficiently so I’ve got something left in the tank for the bike and run legs.

So there it is – my three month snapshot.

I have 149 days to get race-ready. 11 months after the Penrith sprint race, in March 2015, there is an olympic distance triathlon in Coffs Harbour. That will be the month before I turn 40. I want to be there, and I want to finish that race.

I had been mulling over all of this for the past few days but I was newly inspired to reassess and confirm my goals when I read this post from a guy who went from couch to olympic distance triathlon in one season. I did my first mini triathlon in March 2011!

I saw this on facebook recently (this page – I’m fairly certain). It’s something I need to remember. Every day I don’t buy coke and chocolate and lunch time. Each day I squeeze some exercise into my schedule. Whenever I update this blog with some semblance of regularity.



2 thoughts on “3 month snapshot

    • Thanks. It’s funny (not haha funny) but I almost feel like the injury – my first ever sport-related injury – is a “coming of age”, like I can now legitimately call myself a runner. Weird, I know.

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