Call me crazy

Call me crazy if you like but today I signed up for two more races. Well, technically, one race and one challenge.

Tonight I signed up for the 10km fun run at Forster Running Festival – 8th September (10 days away!)

How cool is this? They have a course video. In the many times I’ve been to Forster, I don’t think I’ve ever been on the Forster breakwall. I’ve walked/jogged the full length of the Tuncurry breakwall several times.

I’ll be hoping for weather like this:


Not this:



This morning I signed up for the 10km mud run Suck it Up Buttercup challenge in Tamworth – 30th November.

Both registrations have been processed and paid for. No backing out now.

On a slightly more painful note, my personal trainer decided to introduce weight lifting into my program this morning. Climbing up the stairs at work was fine. Coming back down was a little dicey! Talk about jelly legs. Tonight the muscle soreness is starting to seep in.

I am feeling pretty motivated now that I have these mini-goals in front of me. My goal for the Forster run is simply to run the full 10km. I know I can do it – I did it in the 11km Sutherland 2 Surf. So there are no excuses. If I can also beat my time of 71 minutes from the Tamworth Running Festival that would be a bonus.


4 thoughts on “Call me crazy

  1. Good luck to you!! I’m starting to look at some future races myself…something to really strive for. I’m doing a 5-mile Turkey Trot In Nov. And I’m looking for a 5k in October to do. I think for 2014 I’m going to shoot for 12 in 12 …12 races in 12 months. Keep runnin’! 🙂

      • Feeling rather jealous right now. My last race was here in town. The one before that was a one hour flight. My next one is a 3.5 hour drive… Travel costs on top of entry fees make it an expensive hobby. And they say running is the cheapest exercise. Ha! Not likely. 🙂

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