Tamworth Ten Completed

I did it. I ran the Tamworth Ten. Okay, so I walked a little bit of it, but I mostly ran. I was chatting (between deep breaths) with another lady early on in the race. Her goal was to finish somewhere in the 70-75 minute bracket and to run the whole distance.

I told her my goal was also to run the whole distance but in a time of somewhere between 65 and 70 minutes. That was a pretty big ask though. My first 10km run was 75 minutes and that was only about 6 weeks ago on 10th July. My 11km race in Sydney on 21st July took 77 minutes so based on my average pace, that would have given me a 70 minute 10km. That race had a very fast start though – swept away in the mass of approximately 8,000 runners.

Yesterday’s race had approximately 300 in my event. It started on a downhill and I made a deliberate effort to stay close to the back so I wouldn’t get carried away too fast, but not so far back that I was last by a long way before the race even got started.

Several members of my SES unit were helping out as marshals along the course so I stopped and chatted with some (not all) of them. I also ran with a cap for the first 7 or so kilometres. This was a bad move. I get really hot when I wear a cap and I started to get a bit head-achey. I threw the cap in a rubbish bin at the 7.5km drink station and felt much better. I’ll go back to my visor next time I think. It’s silly, but I only opted for the cap because I was having a bad hair day. By the end of the 10km noone would have been able to tell anyway!

To cut a longish story almost short, my official time was 1 hour and 11 minutes. 71 minutes. I was very happy with this. I forgot to stop my watch and the app on my phone froze partway through the race so the official time is the only one I have. I know it took me a few seconds to get to the start line after the start hooter sounded but not long enough to make a difference overall.

Official results are here. I have no idea who the other lady was but I know she beat me to the finish line – we leapfrogged each other several times until I stopped to chat (and to let an annoying runner past) and I never caught her again. The annoying runner fellow with whom I was also playing leapfrog, passed me so close that our elbows nearly touched – on a 5-metre wide road. I’m a country girl – and I have a big personal space bubble!

This year was the 40th running of the Tamworth Ten. Apparently it’s the third longest running community fun run in NSW and this year there were over 1,000 competitors across the four different events.

It was a tad demoralising to hear that the winners of the half marathon finished in the same time it took me to run 10km. But maybe this time next year I’ll be able to run the full 10km in under an hour!

After the race I signed up for a boot camp that runs for 8 weeks starting in October. It’s the lead up to this mudrun event (Suck it up buttercup) which is going to be held here in Tamworth! It’ll be a lot cheaper for me to get to than this one that I was considering in Sydney on the same day.

I’m also considering this little adventure challenge over on the coast the weekend after. Feeling brave.



6 thoughts on “Tamworth Ten Completed

  1. Philippa Murray says:

    Is there no end to your amazing adventures? Congratulations, once again. Will you need a place to stay on the coast? I know some very nice people there. 🙂 They would welcome both you and your very supportive husband. Love, Mum

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