Tamworth Ten

Today’s the day. I will finally be able to mark off “run the Tamworth Ten” on my bucket list. I’ve run the Fun Five twice before but today I’ll be running the 10km event for the first time. It’s something I talked about with a friend over 10 years ago and it’s about to become a reality.


Four weeks ago today, I ran the Sutherland 2 Surf. I ran the whole 11km. My time was about 77 minutes (only two minutes slower than the only 10km practice run I’d completed).

Theoretically, I should be able to run today’s 10km faster than that. It’s a flatter course as well as being shorter.

My goal for Sutherland 2 Surf was to “run the whole 11km” which I did. No walking! That should be my goal today but for some reason I’m freaking out about coming last – and by a long way. My race starts at 9.30am (and here I am at home on the computer at 8.20!) The presentation for the winners of all the events starts at 11am. That only gives me an hour and a half. Surely they wouldn’t have planned to start the presentations while some competitors would still be on course? Especially since our race bibs have to go in a container to be eligible for lucky door prizes. One and a half hours from the start time to the presentations is doing my head in. What if everyone’s gathered for the presentations to the winners when I come staggering over the line?

I “know” it shouldn’t matter where I place – the point is that I’m out there, achieving my goals. But it does. Matter. Part of me is starting to think that I should have waited until I am faster before signing up for the 10km. Maybe I should have tried for a personal best in the 5km first. Both times I’ve run the Fun Five it hasn’t been “fun” and it has involved a lot of walking. Today I could have easily run the full 5km. Well, easily might not be the most accurate word, but I could have done it. Instead, I’ll be attempting to run the full 10km.

Selfie from one of my training runs. It was a little chilly!


I’ve struggled during my training runs. Everything’s been a bit clunky and I haven’t managed any distance consistently. It should be just a race against myself today, but now I feel like there’s a pressure to finish before the presentations commence. Which, again, I am confident I’ll be able to do. I have no idea when the presentations were made for the Sutherland 2 Surf. For all I know, they could have been done before I even made it to the finish line.

One advantage of the Tamworth Ten over the Sutherland 2 Surf is that the 4km walkers and the 5km runners start shortly after the 10km runners. The Sutherland 2 Surf only had one distance. Walkers were supposed to start at the back of the pack but many didn’t. I spent the first few kilometres zig-zagging in and out of groups of walkers spread across the whole road. It was my first experience running in a race where roads were closed by police etc. It was quite exhilarating really. I was exhausted, but it felt pretty good at the same time. There were even spectators lines up along most stretches of the course! I almost felt like a professional. Only slower. :- )

There is a half marathon today too but it starts an hour before mine so maybe there’ll be some stragglers from the half marathon who’ll cross the line with me at the end of the 10km.

On a side issue: I bought some new running shoes. Altra zero drop Intuition 1.5. And some of the Injinji toe socks. They’ve been fine for training. First race outing today.


It’s time to sign off and prepare myself for “the race”. Now that I’ve got all that off my chest, I’m hoping I’ll be able to kick back and simply enjoy the run.



5 thoughts on “Tamworth Ten

  1. Philippa Murray says:

    WOW! Your gene pool has not assisted you in ANY way to be able to achieve this physical goal. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE on YOUR effort, determination, practice, courage and new joggers. 🙂 LOVE YOU HEAPS – Continually- astonished – and – very- proud-Mum XXXXX

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