Yes, I know I’m cyber-shouting. It’s been a bit quiet on The Tri Road recently. I’ve been busy with life (study, church, SES, Toastmasters, work, training). I haven’t had much time left for blogging. What time I’ve spent online has been wasted playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. Incredibly frustrating yet somehow addictive.

I absolutely had to hop online tonight though and share my news. I ran my first ever 10km this morning! I ran the whole 10km but I did pause runkeeper for a few moments while I had a loo break at the 30 minute mark. My run, according to my training plan, was supposed to be a 75 minute run “in the hills”. Well, I ran on some mini-hills, not entirely flat. At 75 minutes I had run 9.95km. I couldn’t stop there, so I continued on for another 32 seconds and reached 10km! What’s more, I had completed my 5 minute warm up walk and still started the run at 5.47am!


This time last year I would not have thought it was possible to do this. There are three contributing factors, I believe.

1. I started C25K app again.

2. I found someone (a facebook friend only up until then) to run with.

3. More recently, I signed up with a coach.

Even when my running buddy injured herself, I was able to keep pushing on alone because of what we’d achieved together. I reached the end of C25K and bought the Bridge 2 10K app but I didn’t start it. My coach has pushed me a lot harder than I would have pushed myself with the app. She is not my personal trainer, but rather a coach with lots of online tips and she emails me a training program. The current one is preparing me for my 11km Sutherland 2 Surf race in a week and a half, and preliminary triathlon training. However, I haven’t made it to the pool for any of my swim sessions and I’m supposed to have done two each week since the first week in June.

I’m actually enjoying running! Words I never thought I’d say. The bike stresses me as I’m petrified of falling off and breaking a bone.

The last three long runs on my plan were: 60 min on the flat (my previous record – 8.11km), then 65 on the flat, then today – all of a sudden, 75 min on the hills. And I did it! I never would have tried to increase by 10 min in one go without a coach telling me I should/could.

Just this week I contacted her and asked if we can focus on running for the rest of this year then look at triathlon again next year. I have now signed up for the Tamworth Ten, 10km race. I did the 5km last year in just under 40 minutes. I thought it would be nice to maintain the same pace for the full 10km and asked her if I can aim for a sub 75 minute 10km. I sent her a text today saying it appears achievable since it only took me 32 seconds longer than that today and I have a month to go. She wrote back saying I should aim for 68 minutes. 68!??!!!?

We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

First things first. I have my first ever official taper week next week, followed by the race on 21st July. And I should receive a race pack in the post as well. Another first. It’s all so exciting!

In a Toastmasters speech last weekend I said that we all have different Toastmasters goals – just like everyone entered in this race will have a different goal. There will be people hoping for a course record, or first female/male finisher. Others will only want to finish.

I’m simply hoping to run/jog the entire 11km (no walking).


9 thoughts on “I DID IT!

  1. Your doing awesome. Still having a hard time straight running with no walking. I have only ran 5.5 miles so far and I went ahead and signed up for a 10 this weekend!!! Don’t know what i was thinking, lucky if I finish in under an hour and a half. Congrats on your milestone.

    • Good on you for entering. If you were going to run the distance – it might as well be in a race. 🙂 Lots of adrenalin to keep you going too. I’m doing an 11km race in 9 days. So reaching 10km beforehand was a nice surprise and makes me feel like the 11 might just be achievable!

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