Round numbers

I love round numbers and today I’ve fluked a few.

I have finally, after almost 18 months of tracking my training kilometres (bike, run, walk, treadmill, rowing machine, swim), passed the 500km mark. This morning I managed a 50 minute jog/run for a total distance of 6.68km. My total is now exactly 503km and I have less than 350km left on my virtual journey from Sydney to Melbourne.


I’m also down another 200g on this week’s weigh in bringing my loss for this 12WBT round to exactly 1kg. Very slow, but with a downward trend nonetheless.


It has now been exactly 2 weeks since I last ate a chocolate bar.


On Monday I had my first “hills” run as part of my coaching plan. I was visiting my parents for the long weekend so I was able to run/jog/stagger up and down a hill near the lookout. It was beautiful. I’m sure my huffing and puffing did nothing to enhance the experience for the tourists though.

Below are my Runkeeper results for Monday’s 30 minutes on hills and today’s 50 minutes on the flat. Much quicker on the flat. Understandably. 3 hours later and it’s still a bit hard to believe I jogged 6.68km! I did stop once or twice but only to turn off my new headlamp and to peel off a layer of warm clothing. It was a little chilly and dark when I set off at 6am.






I think I’ve found my new favourite store. Kathmandu. My sister is a club member so I went with her yesterday for their member sale and bought these hiking boots and zip off leg pants (in both colours!). My husband and I are planning to start doing some bushwalking on weekends. The weekend before last when I did a short climb I realised my running shoes weren’t really ideal for hiking and climbing over rocks – I felt every little pebble. Or so it seemed. Anyway, back to Kathmandu. I have to say, I don’t think I could ever justify paying full price but I do love their sizing. I had to buy size 12 trousers!

I also bought a headlamp with a rear red light as well which had its first run this morning. I really don’t want to twist an ankle running in the dark but I can’t fit it into my schedule in daylight. And I bought a hi vis vest. I felt a bit silly wearing it all in full light by the end of my run. To be honest, I felt silly in the dark too, but I’d rather feel silly than feel pain and miss my next race which is in just 39 days!


(It’s really on 21st July but this screen shot was taken from the US-based site Runkeeper)


5 thoughts on “Round numbers

  1. I love your little chocolate counter – hilarious! I think I lasted about 3 weeks without having any chocolate. Finally bought some “healthy” dark version with acai berries. Not bad… but not a kit kat, either 😉

    I recently had a bit of a fling with Kathmandu! A girlfriend and I bought hiking boots from $300 down to $99. We broken them in on a hike in Wentworth Falls – sensational!

    Keep up the great work! xo

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Between my sister, my husband and I, we bought over $1400 worth of gear for around $630. Still a lot of money but hopefully well worth it. I think my boots might have been around the same price.

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