May Wrap-up

It has been one month since my last post. It has been 12 months since I joined Runkeeper. I’ve logged 227km in the app in that time.

Here’s a bullet-point type update of the previous month.

5th May – Color Run, Newcastle: a fun day out with Mum, Aunt, and one of my good friends. Before and after.


12th May – Mothers Day Classic: I jogged the whole 3km – with a pretty steady pace, I might add! My actual time was about 17 minutes. As I often do, I forgot to stop the Runkeeper tracking.


13th May: Signed up for Sutherland to Surf which is an 11km run in Sydney on 21st July.

27th May – C25K: I restarted at week 4 again. The lady I had been running with injured her hip and I didn’t keep going without her. More fool me, since I had made it further through the program than I ever had before.

1st June: Yesterday I climbed from Tamworth’s Oxley Lookout up to the top of Flagstaff mountain (hill?) with my sister. We had a brief stop at the top, chatting with some other 12WBTers (prearranged via Facebook).


This week I’ve also had by bike serviced in readiness for my new triathlon coaching program. I start this week and I’m very excited. I’ve been checking my email every 5-10 minutes waiting for my program to arrive.

I started another round of 12WBT this month as well. I was playing in the orchestra for the local musical society’s production of The Sound of Music so I didn’t have a lot of spare time and I wasn’t as organised as I wanted needed to be. As a result, I only half-heartedly did the first two weeks but this last week was much better and over the weekend I have prepared a couple of meals for the coming week. It’s fitness test week again and I’m not sure when I’ll fit it in. I might have to squeeze it in Thursday morning. We’re off to a wedding in Newcastle on Thursday (wedding Friday) and a long weekend at my parents’ place. Then I have two days off work next week so I can work on a post-course assessment due by the end of the month, from the course I did back in February…


Also in May, the Alaska Swim cap I won over at The Water Blogged Triathlete arrived. I have no excuse not to go swimming in the heated pool at one of the gyms here in town. Although “too fast to freeze” doesn’t accurately describe my swim speed! It’s catchy, isn’t it?


I have clocked up a few kilometres since my last Sydney to Melbourne virtual training map update. Less than 100km to the state border now.


I am 9 weeks soft-drink free, and 5 days into “no chocolate bars”. Here’s to a productive and energising winter!



2 thoughts on “May Wrap-up

    • I was on my own this morning and made myself do Day 1, Week 2 of the B210K (bridge to 10K). It actually felt pretty good! How far through the program are you? And yes, I love the cap!

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