I am an athlete!

I’m still here. I haven’t had a lot of spare time and have no desire to sit in front of a computer when I get home from work…

I have continued most of my three mornings a week of the C25K program. My running buddy injured herself in a gym class so we had to step back a few weeks.

We also found a small home gym that holds a ‘balance’ type class on a Friday morning – a bit of tai chi, yoga, pilates, relaxation. I’m finally doing some core/stretching work.

I ran a 5km (4.88km according to runkeeper) race on Sunday. 33 minutes, 6 seconds. My best time yet! 1.5 minutes faster than my Good Friday run. 5 minutes faster than my last race.

I have been a bit slack on my 12WBT journey this round and have actually gained approx 5% but after much deliberation I signed up for the next round. I spent last Sunday afternoon cooking up 14 meals to put in the freezer for all the nights I know I’m not going to be home (SES and Toastmasters mainly).

Last weekend I ran into the musical director of the Tamworth Musical Society’s production of Sound of Music. She convinced me to pull my french horn out of the cupboard where it has sat virtually untouched since late 2009. I am officially a musician again – of sorts. I’m playing in the orchestra for The Sound of Music. I have been to three rehearsals, there are two more, then the show opens on Friday May 10th!

As of today – I officially have a coach! I guess that makes me an athlete. This lady is a former world champion triathlete! She has much cheaper rates than I expected and is quite happy to take on amateur/beginner/non-athletes. Her goal is to make exercise fun and enjoyable for people, not find the next world champion.

Initially, she is going to help me train for the half-marathon I signed up for in October, and a sprint triathlon in November. I’ve been worried about stepping up my “training” for running because I’m almost at the point I need to start thinking about hydration and nutrition and have no idea where to start. She can help with this too. Yay.

My ultimate goal is to complete an olympic distance triathlon before I turn 40. I now have slightly less than 2 years because I “got older” a few weeks ago.

And, I won some swimming caps over at The Water Blogged Triathlete. Wearing a swim cap from Alaska is sure to make me think about whether or not “cold” really is cold!

I’m also finally over halfway through my virtual training journey from Sydney to Melbourne.

Things are looking up for the rest of the year. I’m so excited!

To top it off, I’m watching Pitch Perfect (in the background) for the umpteenth time. I love it. If ever it becomes an amateur musical I think I’ll just have to audition. One item on my bucket list is to actually be “on stage” for a musical instead of just in the orchestra pit. Except by then, I’ll be so old the only female part would be the female commentator!

It’s after midnight and I have an early start for a run in the morning so I’d better sign off. Sorry for the lack of pics.



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