Running Keeps the Flies Away

I decided today, that someone needs to invent a car that’s made of some kind of titanium-strength membrane to protect you in an accident. However, the membrane should be flexible and coded to the owner’s DNA so that the owner can get into the car in a hurry – without needing to open the door, but anything without that DNA needs to have the door open in order to get in. That way, I could hop in my car after a run without letting the 50 million flies on my back into the car with me. Any budding inventors out there?

Speaking of cars, I saw this on a car the other day. It made me smile.


Not that I would ever do that – for the record!

With the public holiday today, my running buddy and I had agreed to run at 6.30am instead of our usual 6am start – since we didn’t have to rush to get to work. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling well and sent me a message last night to say she couldn’t make it.

So I set my alarm for 6.30, intending to be in town ready for my run at 7am. And I was. I also decided that instead of following our C25K program (on Wednesday we did a 20 minute jog – no walking!) I would try and jog a full 5km.

I parked my car, after writing a note detailing where I planned to run and leaving it in my glovebox – just in case, I started my 5 minute warm up walk. The flies were everywhere. Buzzing in my ears and face, on my shoulders, and in my hair! Ewww. I can’t handle flies crawling on my skin. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it. I focussed on getting my runkeeper app settings right since I usually don’t have any notifications on, I rely on my running buddy to tell me where we’re up to. I turned on notifications for every 5 minutes, and every 500m.

Usually our 5 minute warm up is part of the 5km circuit we do, and we finish somewhere between 40 and 45 minutes. Today I started the GPS tracking at the start of my run – after my warm up.

It was only when I reached the end of my 5km and started walking again that the flies came back. I must have been running too fast for them to keep up with me!

I managed to jog almost the entire 5km. I walked up a flight of stairs and about 5 steps after that. I also walked about 20 steps somewhere between 4km and 4.5km. I was very happy with my effort because it was just me out there today. The only app running on my phone was runkeeper so I wasn’t keeping time with music and I managed to keep a fairly steady pace. At each km mark I was close to being on track to do 6km in 40 minutes. (That was the easy maths option.) Since I was only planning to run 5km, I was confident most of the time that I would run a personal best. My previous best was 38 minutes something last August.

Here are my km splits…


for my first ever 5km in under 35 minutes! And it wasn’t even a race. Imagine if I had that extra adrenaline and a crowd around me pushing me. Actually, I hope that in a race situation I would maintain a similar time, running my own race rather than going out hard with faster runners and ending up with nothing left in the tank for the final 500m.


It took me 15 minutes to get through some ordinary (bad) stretches because I had no balance and my legs didn’t want to hold me up anymore. And the flies were back with a vengeance – especially since I was now extra hot and sticky from jogging in the muggy, overcast morning.

I managed to burn some serious calories in 50 minutes (including the 15 minutes of so-called stretching).


Usually I need a run and then a gym session to reach 500 calories.

I came home and updated my Sydney to Melbourne virtual journey ticker and noticed I’ve now reached 399.2km. I probably would have pushed for another kilometre if I’d known.


However, since I ended up sleeping away the afternoon, I might not have managed that extra kilometre.

It might be time to start learning about nutrition and hydration. I was certainly ready for the water I’d left in the car when I finished!


I don’t really understand my pace graphs. These images from Runkeeper show a blue line for my pace. There’s no scale so I’m not sure whether the different days’ graphs can be compared or not. Generally, I’ve thought the lower sections of blue squiggle are when I was running last Friday (in the top graph) and the higher bits are when I walked. Today though, when I jogged almost all of it, the line is much higher. I was jogging faster (km/h), so my pace (min/km) should have been lower – shouldn’t it? Obviously the phrase “pick up the pace” is not related to running pace or you’d end up going slower by having a higher pace number. Too confusing for my brain today.


Is pace important? Perhaps at a more advanced level but not at my level? What do you think?

My running buddy and I have agreed to focus on the number of minutes we can jog rather than how far we get in those minutes. We hope the increase in speed will come naturally once we get the stamina happening.

Speaking of running – I never imagined I would consider a 4km fun run, a “light” run. But I am going to sign up for the Mother’s Day Classic – now that I’ve found out they’re running one here in Tamworth. That will mean fun runs on three consecutive weekends for me. One 5km in Quirindi, then the 5km Newcastle Color Run, then this one.

I’ve cancelled my gym membership from the end of April. I am thinking about putting the money into some private coaching and/or pool passes. I haven’t been going much anyway, preferring the quiet solitude of jogging. Words I never thought I’d utter.

And the bigger news? I’ve signed up to the do run leg for a team in the Port Macquarie half ironman in October. This year. That’s a half marathon – 21.2km! Entries haven’t opened yet but I’ve spoken to the lady organising the teams running under the TriFreedom banner.



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