Up and down

I have decided not to do the 5km fun run at Forster on 14th April. Instead, I have registered for a triathlon training camp. My friend who did the Pinkie Triathlon with me last October is going too. It’s on here in Tamworth that same weekend. It includes sessions on run skills, cycle skills, functional gym exercises for triathletes, swimming technique, open water swimming technique and transitions. Also a bonus session on “fitting it all in”.

I’m thinking of having the fancy pedals put back on my bike – to try and learn how to use my special shoes (with cleats?)…

Other than that, life is mosey-ing along nicely. Work is still busy, I’m still not getting the study done that I should be but I did submit an assessment task this week!

C25K is going well. We completed week 5 this week. We’re doing the actual C25K that I have, we’re doing my running partner’s and it’s slightly difference. We accidentally missed a walk segment this morning and still made it to the end. We usually cover about 3.5km in the half hour program then keep walking/jogging for alternate 2 minutes until we hit 5km. We usually do that in about 40 minutes all up, including our 5 minute warm up. I think I’m on track to be able to run the full 5km at the races in 5 and 6 weeks. That will be a huge milestone achieved.

Here are some of my pace graphs from runkeeper. The troughs in the blue line are the jogging sections, the peaks are the walking, or in some cases the “we stopped, chatted and stretched but I forgot to turn off runkeeper“. Ooops. It’s possible to see just how much more time we now spend jogging rather than walking – even over this past couple of weeks.

Week 1 – Day 2, 15th February (the long stretch of jogging was my 1km time trial for my fitness test for 12WBT)

0215 week 1 day 2

Week 4 – Day 1, 11th March


Week 4 – Day 2, 13th March


Week 4 – Day 3, 15th March


Week 5 – Day 2, 20th March


Week 5 – Day 3, 22nd March (today)


It’s fairly obvious we follow the same path each morning too, isn’t it? It is starting to get very dark early in the morning though, and I actually wore a light jacket on Monday. Brrrr. Not sure how I’ll handle the early morning starts in winter. I have been getting up at 5am most mornings for the past few weeks so I’m hoping I’ll eventually be so tired that I start going to bed earlier too. Here it is 11.30pm though and I’m sitting at the computer.

I’m also considering changing gyms. My current one is open 24 hours which suited me when I first joined because I was going at 10 or 11 o’clock at night (the other gyms are well and truly closed at that time). However, I usually go at about 6.30/7.00am now and all the gyms are open then. There is one gym that has a pool and that’s the one I’m thinking of joining. It’s going to be easier to practise swimming if I have access to a pool…

It’s a big weekend for us this weekend with the hubby participating in two Toastmasters contests at Division level (won club, then area. Next stop District, then World Championship). An opportunity to dress up for the Charter Dinner celebrating the formation of a new Toastmasters Club in town – wearing my size 10 little black dress again – yay. All this followed by a 1st birthday party for lunch Sunday. Hubby’s birthday next week too…

And we just spent yet another “red flag weekend” away at Port Macquarie last weekend. We did a fair bit of (leisurely) walking along the coastal paths and beaches though and the sun was out so it was beautiful.

That is the reflected in the ups on this graph. I’d prefer to see some downs here. Next time. I’ve realised in the last couple of days that I’m not drinking much water anymore. I’m hoping that when I start drinking again I’ll see another improvement.


A banana quinoa porridge is on the menu again this week for 12WBT. Not sure if I’m game enough to try it again… remember this?



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