Identity crisis

Hello bloggy followers… It’s about time I posted again, just to remind you all that I’m not missing in action. Still alive and kicking, just super-busy. Exercise has been off and on, food intake pretty much the same and sleep almost non-existent it seems.

I did the first week of C25K again with a friend, managed to do two of the sessions while I was away in Perth for week 2, missed all of week three this past week due to an inability to readjust to the eastern time zone make myself go to bed before 2am at night. I did go to the gym twice last week though and I’m going to launch back into week 4 of C25K tomorrow.

I’ve also been busy researching wasting time on the internet, looking for fun runs to do around here. A few months ago I subscribed to Women’s Running magazine. In the calendar at the back of the March/April Issue, there was a listing for the Quirindi Canter. I have now registered for the 5km run on 28th April. I’m also doing the 5km Color Run in Newcastle on 5th May.

I was also considering the enticer distance tri at Port Stephens Triathlon but it’s too hard to fit swimming into my schedule at the moment so I might skip that.

I found a 5km fun run at Forster on 14th April which I was all ready to sign up for but then I saw a flyer on facebook for a Triathlon Camp here in Tamworth on that same weekend. So… I’ve sent off an expression of interest for that instead! Eeek. Time to put my money where my mouth is so-to-speak. Gotta start working towards my goal.

It looks like I’m heading more into the running events now instead of triathlon, but only because they seem to be more accessible (goes with the territory when you live several hours from the coast I guess). So I’m faced with an identity crisis: I seem to be leaning more towards running (it’s easier – did I really just type that?) than triathlons but I still want to finish an Olympic distance Triathlon before I turn 40. 2 years and 43 days to go.

I have the Days Left widget on my phone and I have one home screen dedicated to all the events I’m considering entering. Pink for runs, aqua for triathlons. Blue icons for “look into” status and green ticks for events I’ve registered for.


The overflow on the next home screen has the Forster Sprint Tri (750m/20km/5km) in 226 days and the Mud Run (7km) in 272 days.

I’ve already downloaded the 5km-10km follow-on app from C25K so I can keep increasing my distance after I reach 5km. I might even attempt the City to Surf (14km) in August and the Tamworth Ten (km) the following week.

Who’d have ever though I’d get excited about running? Certainly not me. And I can’t even run yet – I’m still plodding, or almost jogging sometimes.

Last night I attended a TriFreedom fundraising/celebration dinner. TriFreedom is a group of triathletes raising awareness and funds for the anti-human trafficking/slavery organisation, The A21 Campaign. Watching their slideshows and hearing their stories, almost had me ready to sign up for a half-ironman with them. Maybe in a few years. The most inspiration part of the night though, was knowing that we as “normal” people can do something to help. We can’t take on the whole human-trafficking issue but through organisations like A21, we CAN make a difference, to one person at a time. I recommend you visit their site and see just how big and widespread this injustice is. I had no idea.

I might not be out there running ironman races with them but I can still help spread the word. The A21 Campaign also works towards prevention and awareness, not just rescuing victims. Spread the word, be aware, and keep your sisters, nieces, cousins, friends and daughters safe. And the boys too. They are not immune.

On a more positive note, my sister and I have decided to donate our ponytails to Beautiful Lengths. We have an appointment for 6th April at the hair dresser and will bundle up our ponytails to send off to be made into wigs for people undergoing cancer treatments. I have five weeks to decide on a short haircut that doesn’t require a fringe (can’t stand hair on my face) and requires little to no work in the mornings! We aren’t doing it for fundraising but we are tying it in my sister’s sister-in-law Julia’s headshave on the same day and will be directing people to her fundraising site.

So many people have no choice but to lose their hair. We have a choice, and I’d rather see it used for good than swept up off the floor and binned.

Have a great week and I’ll try to include more photos next time to make my post more interesting.


4 thoughts on “Identity crisis

  1. So good to see you back! I think there are quite a few of us that have been swept up with the busyness of 2013 – it appears to be hectic to many so far. I can really relate to what you said about thinking that running feels easier – I have gotten no further with my aspiration to do more in the tri arena. But then again I havent done much of anything of late – I have an affinity for falling and serial clumsiness lately lol. I look forward to your updates – good luck (oh and I love the sound of that count down app…might have to check it out!)

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