Going up


Great start to the round. Not. I really only had the one day that I totally blew my nutrition. I am going to rely on all that research I’ve read that points to a lack of sleep causing weight gain. I’ve had so many nights recently with only 4-5 hours sleep…

However, check this out! This was this morning’s effort before I even got to work.


That was my C25K session (plus a walk back to the car because we didn’t turn around at half time) plus most of a cardio session at the gym. I ran out of time to finish it.

runI forgot to turn the runkeeper app off before I drove off in my car! Oops. I sped up then (pace dropped off).

I have decided the two running programs was too much so I’m back onto the Intermediate gym machine programme officially through 12WBT and will continue C25K as well.

On Facebook tonight I saw this:scalesThe credit on facebook was to this website but I couldn’t find it there to link directly.

I am still devastated that I can’t go to finale in Melbourne (unless anyone has a charter plane to fly me back to Newcastle on the Sunday in time for Color Run 5km race) but I’m still going to continue my virtual trek and I added another 11.5km this morning (5.2km C25K session, 1km rower, 1.3km treadmill, 4km bike).


I plan to do my fitness test and measurements tomorrow morning then will have to ask hubby to take photos tomorrow night after work.


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