534km to Melbourne

I have reversed my training distance ticker. I am now making my way from Sydney to Melbourne.

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

As a result, I am no longer near the interstate border.

I don’t know the date for the Finale Workout and Party for this 12WBT round yet. As at last night, I had 541.6 km to go. That means  I need to cover 45.13333 km in each of the next 12 weeks. If I try to do all of that in five days, that’s just over 9km per day. Today I did 7.6km. Today was a cardio day though – the strength/toning days won’t clock up many km. I might have to re-evaluate the plan. Or, I could use weekends (except the next two that will be spent jetsetting across the country) to catch up any deficits for the week.


Despite waking up at 5.52am (needing to be in town at 6am and it’s a 6-8 minute drive!) I managed to meet my new FB friend for the C25K session. We did approx 4.6km based on a whereis map. I forgot to turn on my runkeeper app.

I also got to the gym in time to meet my gym buddy at 7am. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle the learn to run workout after having done the c25k already before I even got to the gym. I skipped the 10min warmup – I figured 45 minutes of walk/jog was warmup enough. Next was 20min on the treadmill. I struggled through that, almost quitting several times in the last 5 minutes but I made it to the end and actually had sweat running into my eyes and stinging. I’m not sure I’ve ever pushed myself that hard.

Hopped off the treadmill to write down the number of kilometres I did (3km on the dot by the end of cool down) and noticed I was supposed to do 10 lots of 30 seconds jog followed by 90 seconds walking. I had done 30 seconds walk followed by 90 seconds jog! No wonder I nearly quit. I am quite relieved that my fitness hasn’t dropped off quite as far as I expected. So I jogged for a total of 9 minutes out of the 20 instead of only 4 minutes.

Since I was running late this morning I didn’t have time to put on my heart rate monitor for the C25K. I did put it on for the gym though and managed to burn 335cal. That’s pretty good for me. Especially first day back in a few months. Did my stretches, had my shower, got to work on time.

Had to climb these stairs at work (no lift option) three times in the first 20 minutes. Uggh.


Admittedly, the first time was just to take this photo. I didn’t really need the warning though. LOL.

do not run

Skip to lunch time. Made a delicious wrap. Headed off to do banking etc. I was dreading the afternoon based on the preceding morning. I was rather controlled and bought one chocolate with less than 200 calories. But I “hoovered it” as I’ve heard people say. Still had time left on my lunch break, didn’t feel like going straight back to work so called in at a servo to pick up another “small chocolate” to get me through the afternoon. Oops. Brain fade…

I ended up buying some snack sized ones that were on sale, telling myself I’d eat one a day. I’m sure you can guess where I’m heading with this tale. All four of them were gone within half an hour. 976 calories of chocolate consumed within 45 minutes.

So, not only did I have the harder-than-usual afternoon I expected, I had to endure it while feeling bloated and sick. Fortunately, it wasn’t a mental/guilty sick, it was an actual physical feeling of unwellness. I deeply regret my actions. Came home and cooked a (mostly) yummy Spanish-inspired 12WBT meal of chickpeas, spinach, cherry tomatoes (that’s the un-yummy), onion, feta and grilled fish.

It was nice but I only ate half a serve. I wasn’t hungry. Not surprising given that I’d eaten almost a whole day’s worth of food in that 45 minute spell earlier in the day.

Well, tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and next time I’m tempted to overindulge my sweet tooth, I’ll remember how I felt today.

Melbourne, here I come!

This is my inspiration board for this round:



One thought on “534km to Melbourne

  1. Oh dear. I have a choice now. I’ve just read the date for Finale. It’s the day before the Color Run in Newcastle that I’ve already registered for. Guess I won’t be going to finale after all. Still going to try and get my training km in. Maybe they’ll have to change the date if the venue doesn’t work out or something… 🙂

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