Los geht’s!

Tomorrow is the start of Round 1, 2013 for 12WBT. I’m determined to reach my goal weight (whatever that ends up being) within the next three months. It all starts tomorrow – Los geht’s!

I think it’s weird that every now and then I still have a German phrase pop into my head. Often there’s a word or phrase that fits perfectly for which there is no English equivalent.

A friend of mine announced last night at dinner that she has joined my gym. We went together last night – after dinner – and agreed to meet at 7am tomorrow morning as well. Even if we don’t actually work out together, it’ll be nice knowing that we’re not “alone” there.

I served up a 12WBT meal to a table full of dinner guests last night and they enjoyed it! Actually the surprise is not that they enjoyed a 12WBT meal but that I cooked for a table full of dinner guests, and it was edible. No last minute “Sorry, it didn’t work, would you be happy with a hamburger from the corner shop instead? Or fish and chips? Or toast?”

I haven’t been able to find a running group. I tried the Sportmates website and various google searches. Tonight on Facebook (whatever did we do before FB?), I made contact with someone who knows someone else who runs with a group. I have a phone number. I plan to touch base with this lady when I get back from WA (IN TWO WEEKS I’LL BE HOME AGAIN ALREADY!). And, I also arranged to meet a friend and another lady I only know from the Tamworth 12WBT facebook group (never met face to face) to start the C25K running program again. 6am tomorrow. Eeek!

  • 6am: C25K
  • 7am: 12WBT Learn to Run at the gym
  • 8.30am: Somehow be at work…

Click image to go to source.

Another friend told me she’s signed up for Color Run as well for May. Yippee – so much more fun when you’re not by yourself. We’re also seriously discussing doing the Enticer triathlon at Nelson Bay (Argggh – a swim in “real” water) two weeks later – 300m swim, 8km bike, 2km run. So, it’ll be shorter than the triathlon I did in November but I haven’t been in the water since then. Or run. Or cycled.

I have added an “upcoming events” page where I will keep track of the races and fun runs I am looking at doing. I would really like to do a Sprint distance in Forster in October – 750m/20km/5km. Next step from there is the Olympic distance (1500m/40km/10km) which is my “before I turn 40” goal.


Today I managed to plan my shopping list for the week and went grocery shopping. I’m all set. No excuses. My reward for reaching goal this round will be a trip to the finale party and group workout. I read tonight that it’s in Melbourne. Yay – I could handle that! And I can get there cheaply from Newcastle which is only a 3.5hr drive instead of 5 or 6 to get anywhere else. And I have relies in Melbourne too…

I hereby declare:

This is MY round. I WILL reach goal. I will sleep. I will eat. Well. I will exercise. Hard. I will be in Melbourne for finale. I will not over-commit myself again to things/meetings/organisations regardless of how worthy they are. I will not feel guilty for saying “no”. I will be me. And I will be happy.

I can’t say I “love exercising” but last night at the gym (and I only did 5 minutes on the rower and 20 minutes on a bike) I realised I’ve missed it. Now I just have to work on missing it while I’m not doing it – not just when I finally get back into it. I’ve decided to continue my virtual trek from Melbourne to Sydney. Perhaps I should reverse the trip and try to get to Melbourne on my virtual trek, in time for finale! Now there’s an idea. But not for tonight. I need some sleep. 🙂


Click image to go to source. Thanks Google.


8 thoughts on “Los geht’s!

  1. Pippa says:

    Such determination!!! Well done Heather. I KNOW you can do it! Love you heaps, Mum. (Love the “40” It comes up 3D on my screen – the cursor goes BEHIND it – amazing!)

  2. You can do it! It sounds like you’ve made it a priority in your life by not over committing to other things, the rest will follow 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to follow your lead up to the event. I too have committed myself to a “real water” swim triathlon. Last short one I did was in a pool…but bull sharks and jellyfish??? What the Hell do we get ourselves into hahaha. Lots of pics eh?

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