Time is precious…

… and yet, I waste it so easily.

I saw this on Facebook recently but just did a google search to find a copy to put on here (found at www.designspiration.net).

I’ve made such an effort to pull back from commitments so I’ll have more time to do those things I’ve prioritised in my life for the next few months.

This morning, I got up early (before my alarm!) ready to tackle the day and get to work.

It is Wednesday which means WWW – wake, wee, weigh. I woke, I weed, I weighed. I had gained 100g so what did I do? I plonked myself back on the loo for 20 minutes hoping to lose that 100g so I didn’t have to finish the 12 week round with a gain.

How silly is that? But I don’t believe for a minute that I’m the only person who would do such a thing. Maybe the only person who would admit to it in a public forum like a blog… Hmmm. It really was wasted time as I didn’t lose anything else and all I did was put myself behind schedule..

After all this time, I still make silly decisions, for a number on a scale. There’s obviously still room for improvement in relation to my mental approach to health and well-being.

Instead of focusing on that 100g gain (half a glass of water!) I should have been happy that:

  • despite the increase, I was still under 70kg
  • at 2pm on Saturday I was in town, hungry, and I went to Woolworths and bought the makings for a wrap to eat at home instead of buying junk/fast food
  • a lot of my clothes are starting to look and feel, not baggy, but loose
  • I can’t wear some of my trousers and jeans without belts anymore
  • I have less than 10kg to lose to reach goal (this is flexible and will ultimately be determined more by a feeling of health and happiness than the number itself)
  • I have recently made good decisions in relation to my time, priorities and health.

Why do we find it so hard to look at the good, not the bad?

I haven’t yet done my measurements or fitness test. I’m expecting to lose a few cm but fitness is likely to have deteriorated a bit due to a complete lack of exercise.Overall though, for the 12 weeks of 12WBT, I have lost 2.5kg (3.5% of my starting weight) and I’m happy.


I’m not going to get into a debate of the merits (or not) of using the BMI* as a gauge for health but it’s one of the measures used for the 12WBT so I’ll rely on it for now. At the start of my journey, 5.5 years ago, my BMI was 34.3. That’s a pretty significant improvement. It was 31.2 in May 2012 when I signed up for my first 12WBT round. My current BMI of 27.2 is more than halfway from “overweight” (30) to “normal” (25).


*For more information about BMI please look here.


4 thoughts on “Time is precious…

  1. It’s all progress 🙂 …. and I may have also done the old “maybe I can lose just a fewww more grams” trick myself…. 😛

  2. Well done, I know how hard it is to not just lose but keep the weight off. I’ve been cutting back on over eating all year and have gone from about 82.5 to 75.5 kg and my goal is about 70!

    • Well done to you too, and thanks for stopping by. Had another loss today AND managed to get up and go for my run/jog/walk this morning. Good luck! You’re over halfway now!

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