Last week’s weigh-in saw me go under 70kg for the first time in I don’t know how long. I got down to just over 71kg on my last “big” weight loss, before I packed 10kg back on.


Another weigh-in tomorrow – let’s hope it stayed off. I hope so, because I already bought my mini-goal reward and it arrived in the post today. What a bonus – it was on sale too!

I bought it here – which is also where the image is from.

In other news, I have signed up for Round 1, 2013 of 12WBT. This will be my fourth round. The round that is just finishing now was a write-off for me exercise-wise but I mostly stuck to the eating plan, which has been reflected in my losses. I didn’t do any of the fitness tests or re-measures along the way. I will be doing the final one for this round on the weekend and will hope for some nice progress pics.

I have temporarily pulled out of a number of my extra-curricular activities. For the next two months I will be home most nights of the week and on weekends. I plan to use this time wisely – to plan, shop properly, cook properly and to get stuck into the study I started one week before “the hail storm” that sent my life spiralling into a chaos of incredibly long work days and weekends spent working as well.

Work is slowly coming under control and I’m feeling good about the next few months. I’m off to Perth in a week and a half. That has come around so quickly.

If I reach my ultimate goal (9.7kg to go) this round, I will be sending myself to the finale group workout and party as my reward. I hope it’s somewhere I’ve never been.


I have also signed up for the Colour Run in Newcastle in May. I’m trying to convince some other friends/rellies to join me so I will be doing it for fun, not to beat a time and will probably end up walking most of it. Still, it beats sitting on the lounge all day.

I have had two weeknights in a row at home. I love it. It makes such a difference, being able to come home and cook each night instead of having to prepare 3 or 4 days of meals on Sunday afternoon.

I’m also hoping to get back to the gym regularly next week, to coincide with the start of week 1 of 12WBT. I will try the Intermediate plan again. I only did one week of it I think this round. Hopefully I won’t have drifted so far back that I can’t handle it.

Thanks for sticking around. I’ll be trying to post more regularly now that my life will be more than just working and sleeping.

Anyone want to join me for the 5km Fun Run?


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