Triathlon 4

But first, a recap of the week that was.

The 7km walk last Saturday was actually only 5km. The route was changed but it was an easy walk filled with friendly chatter.

Monday started with an attempt at the gym. The only problem was that my access thingy didn’t work so I couldn’t get in. Funnily enough noone answered the phone at 5.40am either. I rang them later in the day and it’s supposed to now be fixed (it was a glitch with the reactivation of my membership after a 6-week pause while I tried outdoor training). I didn’t get there for the rest of the week so I’m hoping it works tomorrow! In hindsight, I probably should have tried it one afternoon after work to be sure.

I decided to go for a run instead. This was all fine until I picked up a stray dog which trotted along on my heels for about 5 minutes. My route would have taken me along a stretch of path where not many other people go at that time of day and given my fear of being mauled on the calf by a dog, I couldn’t do it. I turned around hoping the dog would keep going but it followed me. I even rang the council to come and get it. However, before I managed to speak to a person a poor, unsuspecting cyclist went past me in the opposite direction. Fortunately for me, the dog decided the cyclist was more interesting. I did yell out to him and apologise but also said it wasn’t my dog. I hope he was okay.

I ended up trotting up and down a shorter dog-free section of path for a while. I had planned to have a shower at the gym. No access. No shower. Backup plan was to shower at my friend’s place but she bailed on me too. Plan C – head to work and have a shower there. Shock. Horror. Heather got to work on time. 7am. A full one and a half hours early. Less some time to shower and eat breakfast.

The rest of the week included some very late nights for various reasons – some within my control, others not and morning exercise went by the wayside. Afternoon exercise was never even considered. I’m claiming that I was “tapering” for the triathlon today.

On Tuesday I tweeted this:


Wednesday was weigh-in day. Off to a good start.


To clarify Tuesday’s tweet. I hadn’t actually bought the dress, I had just ordered it. I’d tried it on in a different colour and just had to wait for the correct colour to come from another store. It came in on Thursday but the store sent the wrong colour! So, as a desperate measure, I tried on the 10 since they had that in the colour I wanted – in case the correct one didn’t come on Friday as I needed it Friday to drive to Sydney and wear it Saturday night. Lo and behold I could do the 10 up!!! It was a bit tight across the chest area thought. I ummed and ahhed and took all my bras with me to work (sorry guys) on Friday so I could try them on with the 10 on my lunch break. None of them really worked but one was passable so I bought the 10 and left the 12. I figured if I could do the 10 up then there was no point buying the 12 as I’m still losing weight and toning up.


There is no way I’m a size 10 – I’m still a 14 in most clothes but I was NOT going to walk away without this dress. It’s a stretchy fabric which helped. Better yet, when I paid for it I found out it was half price!!! I went next door to the underwear shop and managed to buy underwear that fitted well under the dress – for the amount I’d saved on the dress. Bargain. I received a lot of compliments at the dinner last night too. I don’t have any photos though…

I did my fourth triathlon today (by the way – I hope everyone who was doing the Pinkie Tri on the Sunshine Coast today had fun). My wave started well after 11am. It was after 12 when I was on the run leg. Both the bike and run legs were done in 33° to 35° heat. Many of the participants walked the run. It was just too hot and we wanted to cross the finish line not be carried off on a stretcher.

It was my longest triathlon yet. Still short, but better than nothing. 250m swim, 10km ride, 2km run. Overall results:

tryatri nov12

My results:
42nd out of 55 in my age group, 191st out of 259 participants


Click on the images to go to the multisport results website. I must have jogged more of the run than I thought too with a 16 minute 2km. That’s pretty quick for me! My 2km runs on the last two triathlons I did were 20 minutes and 21 minutes. I guess it depends where they have the in/out transition timer points too though. Overall time only 13 minutes slower than my Pinkie Triathlon last month which was only 200m swim, 6.4km ride, 2km run, and not as hot.

The event added a nice chunk to my Melbourne to Sydney ticker (top right). I’m not going to get to Sydney by the end of the year but there’s still a slim chance I’ll get to the NSW border.

I also said hello to some SWSYD 12WBT team members. They were all wearing matching singlets. It was really nice to see – so supportive and encouraging.

The bonus for me today was that I saw someone puke during a race for the first time. I’ve never really done anything “challenging” enough to have that result before. Fortunately, she managed to get it on the grass beside the track not on the path we were running on. It really was hot and they were pushing us to “stay hydrated”. Running and drinking doesn’t always mix.

The bonus for you today is that I have another couple of tips for beginner triathletes.

1. The drink station might not be water and if your mouth is expecting the refreshing taste of water, then the energy drink can come as a bit of a surprise. Especially if you don’t like the texture or taste of energy drinks! (My experience.)

2. Before tipping a cup of water over your head/body/face, check that it is water and not an energy drink or you’ll be swatting flies for the rest of the race. (Another lady’s experience today.)

I’d also like to reiterate the need for a support crew when you participate in events like these. Here’s the result of me NOT having anyone with me today:



I hope you have had a lovely weekend. All the best for the coming week! One month until Christmas – hard to believe isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Triathlon 4

    • It was so hot too, the flys were bad enough without that. Fortunately, I didn’t do it – but another lady I was talking to did! Happy to learn from others’ mistakes this time. BTW I tweeted to @12wbt and said Mish should reply to your post about the food…

    • I didn’t have a camera with me but when I get a copy of it I’ll post one. Or I’ll put it on tomorrow night and ask hubby to take another photo. 🙂

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