Round 3 vs 3rd Round

Recap of round 3

Where do I start? 12 weeks have been and gone. What do I have to show for it? Minimal weight loss, increase in measurements, very slight improvement in fitness test results, and a renewed determination to succeed.


Week 8 was my best result fitness-wise. Since then I let my nutrition and sleep fall off the priority list and that has then been reflected in my measurements and exercise results. No sleep = no exercise = less fit. This morning, I did manage to almost succeed at “level 1 – needs work” on the ab test. I should soon be off “0 – struggle street”.

The plan

As I think I probably mentioned on an earlier post, I have signed up for my third round of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) which is actually Round 4 of the program for the year. This will take me over the Christmas/New Year period.

Each time we visit my parents, who live on the coast, it gets harder to turn around and drive home. I could so easily live there. In fact, this last trip back we began seriously discussing our options and time frames for possibly moving there in the future (8-10 year plan maybe). Nothing is definite yet but we’re talking about it which makes it seem real.

I have also been thinking about my bucket list. There are so many things on my list that are impossible to achieve with my current level of health and fitness. Some of them are:

  • Complete an olympic length triathlon
  • Cycle along part of the Tour de France route
  • Do 100 consecutive pushups
  • Hike the Kokoda Track
  • Reach my goal weight and maintain for 12 months
  • Ski in Canada (I think this is going to come off the list – I still want to go to Canada but I want to see and do more than just ski)
  • Take a cycling tour in Ireland

Image from:

I also want to swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. That’s not really a fitness thing but I’d like to know that I won’t dread looking at the photos afterward. I felt really confident in my swimmers that I took on our recent cruise. Until I saw the photos.

I have another small triathlon coming up next weekend in Sydney as part of a Women’s Triathlon Festival. It’s my longest yet. 250m swim, 10km bike, 2km run.

As I’ve also previously mentioned, I have registered my interest for a Kokoda challenge for next year. I had planned to do a Kokoda Chicks one to raise money for breast cancer but the one next year is for the local Ronald McDonald House. It would be nice to do something for my own community I think.

Therefore, my goals for my third round are extremely ambitious. I have designed a schedule which I think will allow me to fit everything in that I need to, and sets aside time for grocery shopping and cooking ahead. I will have to be extra careful when I know I’ll be away or busy for a whole weekend. I will need to do the shopping/cooking on the Thursday or Friday night instead. Maybe I should consider buying a small chest freezer and doing a huge cookup once a month…


I will need to get up at 5am. This will be hard. When I was really focussed this round though, I was managing to get up at 5.30 every day. It’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve struggled. I will also make sleep a priority so the nights I come home late, I’ll head straight to bed instead of trying to tackle all those “but I really need to do this” jobs. They can wait. Toastmasters is only fortnightly so I will have bonus nights when I am at home to do other things.

My plan is to spend an hour at the gym following the intermediate level plan that I was supposedly following this round. I will follow that up immediately with an outdoor hour following the learn to run 10km plan with my friend and running partner from this round. We are sufficiently far through the C25K program that we are good enough to start the 12WBT 10km plan! Double the exercise = better result = warm fuzzies. It will be nice to start the day with a sense of achievement rather than “I should have…”

I have been wondering recently whether other areas of my life that I find overwhelming and frustrating will become easier to handle if I’m not also frustrated by my lack of effort/result in relation to health and wellbeing. At the moment, I’m thinking that if I can get that under control, everything else might start to fall into place too. I’ll have the mental energy to deal with it.

Since I am also considering returning to study next year (part time, in addition to work, SES, Toastmasters, church, life) I need to be super-organised.


It’s time to get off the computer now as I am doing a 7km walk this morning to support Tri Freedom and it starts in less than half an hour. I’d better get cracking!

I will post my after photos – such as they are – in the gallery in the next few days.

Have a great weekend!


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