Big Day

Up early this morning. 5am. Not for a run but so I could catch a plane to Sydney for a meet and greet function at Bondi beach with Prince Charles! Arrived home about 9.15pm after flight was delayed leaving Sydney…

I’m the one with the plait down my back, front left of photo:

I’m not sure how long the link will work for but I just had to share it. We weren’t allowed to take cameras in with us so I have to wait for the official photos which will be available for viewing on line next Friday.

Totally unrelated to 12WBT, triathlon, or fitness but thought I’d post it anyway. It was nice to be wearing a size 12 shirt instead of my old size 16 though! Decidedly less frumpy looking and feeling.

I could tie this post in to sport by expressing my disappointment that this function was so heavily overshadowed by the touch football match on Bondi beach by most of the news broadcasts… I guess it’s to be expected since I live in Australia. If it’s not sport, we’re not interested apparently.

Enough whinging. I had a wonderful day and it was an immense honour to receive the invitation and I don’t expect to ever have this opportunity again. I will remember it for a long time, I’m sure.


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