What a finish

What a way to finish this week. Today I registered for the Women’s Triathlon Festival in Sydney on 25th November. 250m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run. All three legs slightly longer than the one I did a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow I’m off to Sydney at the invitation of the NSW Premier to attend a reception for Emergency Services Personnel in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales. I’m a tad excited!

My grandma travelled from Taree to Coffs Harbour in 1970 to catch a glimpse of the queen as she walked along a street. The fact that the queen stopped to chat with HER was a highlight of her life. And now I get to meet Prince Charles. Well, I’m assuming I get to meet him. I won’t know how many people will be there until I arrive.

It’s a great excuse for a day off work anyway. Princess 

Weigh in yesterday was up 200g (a glass of water!) but that was well down from Sunday night after my red flag weekend…

I almost registered for the Coffs Triathlon in March tonight too. I got all the way through to the payment page then realised I will have arrived back from a week in Perth only the Sunday before. Not sure I’d really be up for the 4 hour drive to Coffs on the Friday night to get up and do the triathlon on the Saturday… It’s a 375m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run so only the swim leg would be longer than Sydney but it’s open water so it would be my first attempt. I don’t think I can do it this year.

I really wanted to do the Mud Run too but it’s the week after my trip to Sydney and I can’t handle two weekends in a row driving all that way…

So, Mud Run will go on the calendar for December 2013, Coffs for March 2014 and for September 2013 I’m looking at the 9km Bridge Run. Imagine running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge! How cool?

I’m starting to realise just how many things on my bucket list are related to fitness too. This journey is going to benefit me in so many more ways than just good health. I’m almost ready to sign up for Round 4 but I’ve been so haphazard with it this round I’m not sure I should invest the money again. Still considering it though.

I just received a text saying my flight out in the morning has been delayed. Yay, sleep in. Maybe. I’d hate to get another one telling me it’s back on schedule when it’s then too late to get there! All checked in and ready to go. Still need to get some sleep though, so I’m outta here!

Sorry I don’t have any pics today. Instead, here’s something I saw on facebook earlier today that tickled my fancy.


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