One word

Take your pick.

Down? Finally? YES! Woohoo!


1.1kg gone this week. It’s about time! I haven’t had a decent loss like that for a looooong time. Except the week after the cruise which was still only 800g after putting on 900g the week before. This is the first time I’ve been below 71.4kg since I first seriously started trying to lose weight in late 2007 (having crept back up to 80+ several times in between).

Currently working my way through the C25K program as well instead of the prescribed runs. Today was Week 5 Day 2. I actually managed to jog 8 minutes straight. No excuses for the next fitness test since my last few have been under 7 minutes for the kilometre. No walking allowed…


This was a 5 minute warm up “brisk” (speed and temperature) walk, 8 minute jog, 5 minute walk, 8 minute jog, 5 minute cool down. There’s not a big difference between our jog/walk paces but there is a difference. I didn’t actually look at the plan before starting so we were expecting a 5 minute jog. We’d gone just over 6 minutes before I pulled the phone out to see if we’d just not heard the “walk” signal – to discover we had almost two minutes left! On Monday we struggled to do the full 5 minutes so this was progress, and we kept going for the full 8 minutes. We did walk a little in the second 8 minute section but all in all, we’re starting to not detest running quite so much. Progress all around.

Have a great Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “One word

  1. I started my little adventure with the c25k back in may. I went for time instead of distance and worked my way to where I could finish 30 minutes. I realized I was still short of 5k distance so I tacked on 10 minutes every week till I finally finished 5k time. This weekend I finished my first 5k (see blog report). So you can do it too!!! Way to go, getting it done!!!

    • Thanks. I’m fairly confident I’ll be short on distance too so that’s a great tip. I love the idea of the time change one you’ve got coming up! I read that post this morning and had flagged the email to go back and comment on it later tonight!

      • Both my first 5k this last weekend and the one I am running on Saturday were aimed at fun over all else. With the Monster Dash, it was not chip timed and heavily costumed so little pressure. I finished before a few other runners so I was not the slowest. Cant wait to see how this one this weekend goes. Keep at it and you will be amazed what you can do, give your self time if you need it and dont be afraid to repeat a week. You are doing great.

  2. Wow that’s so good!! I got halfway through week 4 and gave up 😦 The 5min stretches were so hard! Congrats on the loss too 🙂

    • We started at Week 4 I think. We struggled with the 5 minute ones too but somehow, today we managed the 8. Go figure! You make up for it with all your squats/lifts/etc. Don’t know how you manage to do them. In the past I’ve only ever got to about week 3 or 4. Having two of us makes a difference. When one or the other has a “can’t be bothered” day, generally the other drags them along. Win-win.

      • When I did the c25k, on Monday or the first day of the prescribed workout, if I could not complete it, I would go back to the previous week’s workout and do that for the week and then try the next on the following Monday. I rarely stayed on the same week for more than 2 weeks. But this go me through. For example if i did week 4, the next week I would try week 5, if I had too much trouble or failed then I would go back to week 4 for the 2 remaining workouts for the week. Then the next week I would try 5 again and repeat if needed. There is no set in stone time limit.

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