Pinkie Triathlon

I plan to write a longer post (eventually) with a race report but in the hope of getting a decent night’s sleep (8 hours is already impossible) here’s a link to my Facebook photo album for the event – if you’re interested. You don’t need to be Facebook member to view it. The bike rack in the photos was new (and the car is our second new car that we bought in August). I was really happy with how it travelled and how easy it was to use (once I worked it out).

My time overall was 50 minutes 11 seconds for the medium course. 200m swim, 6km ride, 2km run. Last year was 43:43.

  2012 2011
Swim 6:29 6:45
Bike 22:44 17:03
Run 20:57 19:53
Although the course was officially the same length this year, and at the same venue, it was quite different so the times can’t really be compared (except the swim).
I felt like I should have been much faster in the swim. I didn’t freak out anywhere near as much as last year and I didn’t resort to treading water/breaststroking as often either. And, I wasn’t last out of the pool and could still breath when I hauled myself up the steps.
The bike course was 6.4km this year and only 5.4km last year (an extra loop on the circuit which meant one extra climb up this hill. The hill used every one of the 7 gears I use (I don’t know how to use the left hand gear lever). I estimate the distance to walk between transition and the mount/dismount line was also about 150m longer.
I think this also affected my run as I could barely lift my feet off the ground and walked a lot more of it than I remember doing last year. The run course also took a different route and it felt longer. Last year it was all on flat concrete/bitumen. This year a component of it was an uneven grassy area with lots of uneven dips and small mounds. I was actually concerned about rolling an ankle which I haven’t really worried about for quite some time.
The program (order of events) was changed this year too so my event started at 10.30am instead of about 8am (from memory). It was very sunny and a lot hotter than it’s been here at home. I was finishing up my run close to midday. Not a good time to be trying to run – for me anyway.
Well, I’ve pretty much typed my race report, haven’t I? You’ll have to look at Facebook for the photos though (sorry). If I get a chance over the next few days I’ll pop back and insert some into the post itself.
I also gave a speech about the event at Toastmasters tonight demonstrating how transitions work. Complete with swimming cap, goggles, bike helmet etc. It was one of the most fun speeches I’ve given since joining.
The day (morning) was made even better because I had a friend participating with me. She is keen to give it another shot next year and so am I. We might even sign up for both Sydney and the Gold Coast. Since it started in 2006, the Ramsey Triathlon Pink series has now raised over one million dollars for the national breast cancer research foundation. My speech tonight has convinced another lady to sign up next year. Who knows, we might get enough interest to even get team t-shirts.
I highly recommend the Triathlon Pink events if you can get to any of the venues. It’s a 7.5 hour trip for me each way to the Gold Coast. Well worth it though. It’s such an encouraging, supportive, and fun introduction to triathlons. If you’d like to try a tri (couldn’t resist that) this is the one to do.
We relaxed afterward with lunch by the water at Paradise Point followed by a 4km leisurely stroll along the beach(es) near Broadbeach.
It’s not very clear but we actually started at the 4km mark, walked south to the 1km, walked back to the start (2km), decided to keep going so went up to the 3km mark then turned back to the car. It’s a hard life.
The elevations look quite impressive but the peaks are only 9m. They were the hikes up the dunes/beach accesses to the street level for pauses/toilet breaks. Hey – we’d drunk a fair amount of water keeping ourselves hydrated (and it wasn’t pool water).
I promise not to follow up with the longer post promised at the beginning of this one.

8 thoughts on “Pinkie Triathlon

  1. I would love a blog post on stuff you learnt, tips and tricks, and what difficulties there are as I am doing my first this yr on sunny coast in november…pink tri long course…Eeekkk. well done on yours x

    • Oh wow. I admire anyone jumping straight into the long course! I will try to put together some tips and tricks for the next post. Here’s a head start: don’t forget to leave the t-shirt you want to wear for the bike/run sections in transition! It’s too late when they call your event to suddenly realise you’re still wearing it. 🙂 I wore the same outfit for all three legs (including the skirt!) so I didn’t have to worry but my friend made this mistake.

  2. Love the pictures! The bike transition thing looks complex, I can’t even imagine how that would work. You should put up your toastmasters speech as a post to explain how it all works 🙂 Sounds like you had fun, nice work 🙂

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