Week 7

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while… Here’s a bit of a summary of the last couple of weeks.

Week 6 weigh in was a stay-the-same at 72.3kg.

I spent the long weekend repainting the last room in our house (combined kitchen/family). We painted the first room almost two years ago. It was nice to finally have it match the rest of the house and get the painting gear back into the shed.

Before (excuse the mess):


After (excuse the different mess):


Last Monday (public holiday) I had a second swimming lesson. I’d only managed to get to the pool for one practice session in between but I was already swimming better because I had some idea what to concentrate on. I was supposed to have another lesson today but I cancelled it because I haven’t been for a swim and didn’t want to waste the teacher’s time.

Two recent Saturdays I met up with two different fellow 12WBT-ers I met on Facebook. That was nice for a change of scenery and a bit of company.

Tuesday last week I started meeting a friend at a local park at 6am to do our 12WBT workouts. We are both following the intermediate plan which makes it easier for us to exercise together. Because there are two of us, if one of us has an “off” (unmotivated) morning, the other can pull them along. That’s an awful sentence – sorry – I know what I’m trying to say but can’t get the right words together! I hope you can interpret it. We’ve only skipped one morning (yesterday). We both had very late nights and decided sleep was more important.

We also did last Saturday’s SSS together. We’re planning to do it again this Saturday (well, this week’s SSS).

The exercise is starting to fall into line.

On the nutrition front though, I’ve had a few weekends with no time to cook ahead for the following week so I haven’t followed the plan closely. I’ve realised today though, I’ve had the time, I just didn’t make cooking as high a priority as I probably should have.

Sunday was spent cleaning house as we received a last-minute Airbnb reservation. They arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed two nights. They were our second booking but the first guests to stay. A French Canadian couple travelling around Australia for 6 months. It was very interesting.

View from window one morning last week:


Sunday night was spent writing/learning a speech I’d been asked to present at a local Probus meeting Monday morning… Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

Tonight though I’ve made a lasagne (in my new convection microwave) and a Thai pumpkin soup (using my new soup maker). 12101103

The soup maker was a bit of a flop. When I read the description before making the purchase, I thought I’d be able to just throw all the ingredients in and it would cook them and mix them. However, I actually still have to cook the ingredients, then the soup machine blends it into either smooth or chunky soup and keeps it warm. I used to use a stick blender thingy which was pretty hard going.


The machine makes the blending process easy but the recipe I used had too many ingredients to make two batches of the minimum fill but too much for the maximum. I filled it to the maximum fill line. I’ve now realised though that I don’t know how many serves I managed to process. I might have to hand mix the leftover and combine the two before dishing out into individual meals.





Leftover that didn’t fit:


10 days now until my next mini-triathlon (Sunday 21st October). Now that we own a car with a tow-ball, I have bought a bike rack so I don’t have to take the front wheel off to take my bike anywhere. I can’t put it on yet as I’m waiting for the official bike rack number plate to come from the RTA (or whatever it’s called now). Hoping it’ll turn up before I drive to the Gold Coast for the big day. (The rack and light bar are in the box which is almost as big as my bike!)


I have this self-made sticker on my bike. I might not need it anymore once I get the rack installed.


And today, my bright orange American Tourister Prismo suitcases turned up (my prize from a facebook competition). 12101114

Weigh in yesterday was a 300g loss down to 72kg. I am very much looking forward to getting into the 71s next week. 71.6 is the lightest I was in the last 5 years since I first seriously tried to lose weight. And that was about 4 years ago. I had hoped to reach goal by the end of this round but it’s not looking likely now. Maybe next round. I know it’s not all about the numbers though too. I know I can run further now than I could 6 months ago. Still not far, but further. I’m certainly fitter and that’s more important.12101113

The main souvenir from our trip. Now hanging on the wall.



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