Quick Updates

Weigh-in this morning. Down 200g. Not bad considering the amount of chocolate I ate on Monday driving home from Newcastle after my flight home from Melbourne. It was pretty silly really. I’d been up since 4.15am and was still driving home at 10.00pm… I stopped for a coffee at a Maccas but their machine was broken and it was the last one before home (about 1.5 hours away). I won’t be doing that again on my own. The last half hour was very hard going.


Competition: I didn’t win a holiday but I did have a fun day at the Melbourne airports and I still came away with a 3 piece set of American Tourister Prismo suitcases. I’m thinking I’ll choose the orange ones. Nice and bright and not so girly that hubby can’t borrow them. Hmm. Perhaps the pink would be better after all!

Road Trips: I’ve finally crept over the 200km mark for my theoretical Melbourne to Sydney trip. And, even better, an old friend I caught up with again recently is coming on my real road trip to the Gold Coast in a few weeks. It’ll be great to have some company for the drive and someone to take photos too.

Swim Training: I’m going to the pool this morning before work to do my first training since my lesson last Wednesday. It’s already 7am and I haven’t left home (that’s obvious – sorry). Lunch is still cooking… I will go anyway. Even if I only get half an hour in the pool, it’ll be better than nothing.


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