Swimming Uphill

I had my swimming lesson tonight. It turns out that even though I think my feet are kicking somewhere near the water’s surface, they are actually well under water. What’s more, I don’t kick much at all! I concentrate so much on breathing and not drowning that I forget to kick.

So, I kind of drag myself through the water at an angle instead of along the top of the water.

She’s given me some drills to practise between now and my next lesson on 1st October.

I tried to find a cartoon/diagram showing someone swimming with bad form similar to mine but I ended up finding this picture which is a perfect good example. Actually, it’s not perfect because I think my feet would be even lower than his!

Swimming uphill. An accurate description of my swim style. The whole page the picture is on was an interesting read. Click here to read it yourself.

I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s all related to core strength/ab support. That’s the area I score the worst on every fitness test. Almost to the point that it’s non-existent. I now have a very real incentive to work on it.

At first, we tried putting my arms out straight over a kickboard but I literally could not get my feet up to the surface with the kickboard in my hands. Next, we tried with the kickboard and a pool noodle stick thing under my hips to keep that bit of me above water…

Then, she had me swim a bit with one of these clenched between my thighs:

leg buoy

They make your legs float. It felt so uncomfortable that I KNEW she was telling the truth about how low my feet are when I swim. I’m off to buy one of these tomorrow (or maybe Friday) so I can head to the pool at another gym (not my usual one) for some practice next week.

The half hour lesson tonight was definitely a worthwhile investment of time, money and energy.

click image for source


5 thoughts on “Swimming Uphill

  1. If you need any swim help, my blog focuses on swim training for triathletes. Feel free to shoot us your questions or ask for swim advice. We all swam in college and enjoy reaching out the swimming community. Good luck!

    • Thanks for stopping by. About to head over and check out your blog. Hoping to find out which way the pullbuoy goes… I bought one that’s bigger on one side but it doesn’t have instructions! I’m guessing the big bit goes on top to pull my legs higher but that’s not an “educated guess”.

      • Of course! I like your blog and hope you have a lot of success with your goals. As for your question about the buoy… EXCELLENT question! Unfortunately I don’t have a perfect answer for you. I have worn that type of buoy but they are not my preferred kind. I think they are slippery and odd feeling because they are too buoyant for me. When using them, I just put them on and then flip flop the direction if it doesn’t feel right. I’m sure I’ve worn them different ways in my career. Next time I wear that kind of buoy I will take note of which direction feels better and get back to you. The type of buoy that I own is the most basic kind there is – it is just two pieces of foam with a ribbon to attach them. It slips less often and it works better with my body. I prefer the small or medium size and stay away from the large ones because they are also way too buoyant. You can see what I’m talking about if you click this link: http://www.kiefer.com/kiefer-7–basic-pull-buoy-products-195.php?page_id=235

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