Damage Undone

Just this long after my cruise:


most of the damage has already been undone.


I will be taking measurements after the fitness test on the weekend.

After reading this post I was motivated to contact a local Learn to Swim organisation… and I am going to my first lesson tonight! Hoping for some quick tips about things I might be able to change that will make me more efficient in the water. I can swim and I can swim several laps but I’m v e r y   s  l  o  w.

I have just over a month until my next mini-tri on 21st October on the Gold Coast. I am confident that I will be able to jog most of the 2km but the swim scares me the most. All those feet and hands coming at my face… *shudder* Admittedly, I haven’t attempted to run 2km after riding 6km on my bike since I completed this event last year. I’ll be carrying a lot less weight this year so in theory it should be less work to get my body moving. Correct?

It’s been a huge week for me already. The day before we left for our cruise I was notified that a scholarship application I’d submitted was successful. This has enabled me to register for a training course (personal/professional development) in Perth next February.

On Monday, I was informed that I am one of five winners in a Facebook competition so I’ve won a 3 piece luggage set valued at approximately $800 AND I’m off to Melbourne on Monday to compete in a Luggage Lottery with a 2 in 5 chance of winning either a trip to Vietnam or a trip to South America.

Last night we had a very successful Employer Evening at SES with the employers of several of our unit’s volunteers attending and we were able to give them a better idea of what we actually do and how the skills we learn there are very transferable to the workplace.

Also last night, we accepted our first Airbnb reservation.

It’s only Wednesday but it’s looking like a really great week. It was a bit tricky ringing the boss on Monday night to say “I know I just had two weeks off, and we’re supposed to give one month notice for leave applications, but could I please have next Monday off?“.

That’s enough rambling from me for the day. I’m off to work. I’ve managed to arrive on time every day so far this week.

great day

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4 thoughts on “Damage Undone

    • It’s nice to know it really works. We haven’t actually used it find accommodation (yet). We’ve only listed our spare room. Our guests don’t arrive until January though!

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