Weigh-in Sunday

A pleasant surprise this morning. I only gained 900g! Less than a kilo. I am ecstatic! In the past, I have often had a three week delay from my “bad week” to when it showed on the scales but I think if I get back into exercising tomorrow I might just be able to contain the damage this time.

I’ve updated my tracker. Not very impressive but gives me somewhere to work from.


I also updated my Melbourne to Sydney ticker. I simply added 25km to my total. I’m sure I walked a lot further than that up and down stairs etc and around the various beaches but I have only included a rough addition of the 3km walk around Mystery Island, the kilometres I managed to do on the gym’s cardio equipment, and the laps of the top deck. 6 laps = 1 kilometre. They have a sign up there. Lots of people were walking/jogging around the loop too.

We tried to do at least one lap after each meal (except when the deck was closed due to high winds). Several times I did the full kilometre. I jogged 1.5km one morning. It’s a bit tricky with the “earth” moving under your feet. I have almost made it to Benalla on my hypothetical journey.


Time to get cracking on this journey again.


3 thoughts on “Weigh-in Sunday

    • For the actual ticker (top right) I simply update the kilometres I do in training. For the map, I have saved an image from whereis, showing the full trip. Every now and then I do another search to find out where I would theoretically be. I add the arrow and text at that point and save it as a new image, leaving the original map untouched ready for next time. Not sure if that answers your question… I got the original idea from a forum thread in the Biggest Loser Club. I no longer have access to it to give credit to the correct person.

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