Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

Warning: lots of photos ahead.

No excuses not to exercise while on a cruise? Which planet was I on?

We arrived home from our wonderful 12 day cruise today. I had good intentions but didn’t act on them very well. I did try to eat healthily but I found the food options didn’t help. There was lots of food and lots of variety but many of the ‘healthy’ options (eg vegetables and salad) were coated in oil/butter/dressing. I tried to limit the quantity of food and I know I didn’t eat anywhere near as much as I would have if I’d done this cruise a year ago.

Except on the first day, I simply ate cereal for breakfast. I didn’t even look at the dessert or hot breakfast offerings. I walked directly to the cereal section, then found a table.

I didn’t eat dessert with every night meal but I did have some. I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t even tempted by most of the offerings.

I tried to eat mainly salad for lunch. I found it hard to identify protein options though. Most of the meats looked quite heavy/fatty/oily. I need to brush up on what other foods are considered proteins.

Heading off on our first cruise. One of the few photos that aren’t self-portraits.


On a positive note, I avoided the lifts and used the stairs. Every. Single. Time. The lifts were especially tempting when we moved from the gangway on level 4 directly to the food on level 12 but we didn’t use them at all.

I did use the on-board “gym” twice. The photo on the website was HUGELY deceptive. It looked really big but in reality was quite small. The ceiling was fairly low once on the treadmills etc too and it felt a bit claustrophobic. It was also very humid in the room and I felt a bit light-headed when I exercised. I told you I found some more excuses!

Using a rowing machine on the ‘high seas’ was an interesting experience. It was really nice looking out at the ocean instead of a carpark. Sometimes though, the ship’s motion meant I was not only pulling against the machine, but also uphill. On the other hand, there were times when I suddenly lurched back downhill on the return “trip”.

Clever carving. There were several of these – themed to the food – this was Asian night:


Morning tea in Noumea, New Caledonia. French pastries. I confess. I ate one. But only one!


I bought some new swimmers before we left Australia and I felt really confident “strutting my stuff” in them as a new (slightly) leaner me. Until today when I saw this photo (taken at Isle of Pines, New Caledonia).


I think it’s time to get over my fear of exposing my thighs and ditch the boardies. I certainly couldn’t complain about the views though.

Also on Isle of Pines (and not a self portrait):


Mystery Island, Vanuatu: We walked the entire circumference of the island. Approximately 3km from memory.


Vila, Vanuatu:


Noumea: Before getting off the ship to play tourist.


Oops. Heading back into Sydney Harbour early this morning. I actually took a lot of these very close-up self portrait photos. It’s called “oops, I forgot I had it fully zoomed”. This one wasn’t too feral and I thought it could almost be considered arty so I thought I’d share it with you.


Also in Noumea. This was our last port stop. I looked at this photo this afternoon and decided that I have put on more weight in two weeks than I thought was humanly possible, or, I need to ditch that bra and/or t-shirt along with the boardies. (Another photo taken by someone else – there really weren’t that many!)


This, I simply found amusing in Vila. Valuable Customers. Indeed.


I haven’t gone near the scales since 2nd September. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll brave them tomorrow or wait for Wednesday. At the moment I’m thinking I should do it tomorrow. Then I’ll hopefully see a loss by Wednesday’s official weigh in instead of just a massive gain.

Not one but two snakes at Champagne Bay.


I was brave that day on the trip, so I can be brave in the morning. I might be cruisin’ for a bruisin’ on the scales but we had a lovely, relaxing time away.


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