Environmentally Irresponsible

I have a confession to make. I haven’t lived in an environmentally friendly way today. I had a half hour shower (gasp!) and also worked for half an hour in the deforestation industry.

Wait! Don’t stop reading. Please?

The two half hours were actually the same half hour. The deforested area was a little-known offshoot of the Amazon rainforest that had put down roots on my legs.

Too much information perhaps? Sorry. It had just been a while since I really bothered to look closely (I wear long pants/skirts everywhere) and since our cruise departs in less than 24 hours, It was time to tackle the problem head on. I simply refuse to wear jeans every day for the next two weeks in the South Pacific.


Since I can’t weigh in next Wednesday, I decided to weigh in today. This will become my official weigh in. Down 500g. Yippee.

The reason for today’s post however, is to commit to coming home from my trip lighter than what I’m going away. Yes, there will be lots of food, and lots of encouragement to sit and do nothing. But, there will also be a gym and pools and plenty of stairs. No meetings, no deadlines, no emergencies, no excuses.

See you in a few weeks.


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