I’m a Foodie PenPal

The Lean Green Bean

Ok, so it probably wasn’t the smartest move I’ve made since signing up for a weightloss/fitness program but I signed up to be a foodie penpal this month. You can read more about the program here. The website doesn’t mention Australia but there were a few of us this round so if you’re interested sign up.

I received a lovely box from Jade at Fried to Fresh. The box I sent to Sam was majorly put to shame by this one.


Every bit of it looked enticing. The chocolate biscuits and a box of Hello Panda mini-biscuits were brought out when we had visitors one night. Otherwise I would have eaten them all myself!

The Double Chocolate Cookies were delicious. Thinking back on it now, it’s probably a good thing my dessert treat didn’t work last night (see this post) because I most likely wouldn’t have stopped at one. I certainly didn’t stop at one with these.

The Hello Panda biscuits were cute. They were filled with a chocolate creamy liquid (or strawberry for the pink box) like Nutella but not as thick. Each biscuit had a different sporty panda design. I hadn’t seen them before. I saw similar things in Europe years ago but not here.


I hadn’t eaten sesame snaps since high school I don’t think. That was 20 years ago now so that was a nice trip down memory lane.

The sweet potato chips were sweet but terribly moorish. I didn’t stop at one (handful) with them either. I should say though, I didn’t eat all of this in one sitting or even in one day! In case you’re wondering. The Tudor Hotel here in Tamworth serves sweet potato curls on top of their salad and meat meals and it’s yummy. Just like these chips.

The ice tea (lemon flavour) is in the fridge waiting for a warm day so I can decide if it’s as refreshing as people say. I’ve never tried iced tea before either. As you’ve probably worked out if you’ve been reading my blog recently – I’m a novice cook (is there a step below novice?) and am only just becoming (slightly) adventurous with food. I thought this foodie penpal idea might be a way to discover new foods. I will give the October exchange a lot of thought. Perhaps I should wait until I’ve got my eating habits under control before putting myself up for this kind of temptation again.

Jade forgot to include the note she wrote to go in the box (for which she has apologised!) so I’m eagerly awaiting an email copy which I hope to receive later today. I will probably edit the post in order to acknowledge the contents of the letter…

I won’t be participating next month for two reasons. The first is that I didn’t realise how hard it is for me to get to a non-supermarket food outlet to buy nice things to put in the box for the recipient. The second reason is that we sail out of Sydney in under 90 hours!!!! That’s a bit scary considering how much I have to do between now and then. One day at work. We leave Tamworth on the 9.45am flight but don’t sail until 4pm that afternoon so there’s another day gone pretty much. It will be sooooooo worth it. We are really looking forward to relaxing on the boat. Other than my daily trips to the onboard gym of course.


In other news, I submitted a UAC application on Wednesday night. Back to uni for another undergraduate degree if I’m accepted. Because, you know, well, I’m not busy enough at the moment. Ha. Ha. If accepted I will be studying by distance education, part time. I’ll need to become super-organised and efficient between now and then…

Thanks Jane!


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