The Less Unfit Test


Where has the time gone? My first round of 12WBT is over and day 2 of my second round has nearly disappeared too. Here are my final stats for round two.


I actually didn’t attempt the push-ups again as I don’t want to damage my wrists anymore than I might have already. The results from my fitness test became my starting stats for Round 3 (my second round). I lost 17cm overall, mainly on my waist and hips as you can see. Where I had the most success was in the general fitness. I still can’t do any kind of sit up but my sit and reach improved by 19cm. Down to –9cm. I ran 1km 4 minutes 54 seconds faster (6 minutes 33 seconds!) and held the wall sit for an extra 20 seconds.

There have been a lot of mental changes which aren’t reflected in these graphs and statistics.

For example, last Saturday night, I hadn’t planned dinner. We sat around discussion our options. Guess what happened? I made a special trip to town, just to go to the supermarket, to buy the ingredients to make a homemade pizza! Now that, is proof that my mindset is changing.

I have revised my goals for round 3. They are more realistic now that I know just how hard it is to fit enough exercise into my day. Swimming simply isn’t an option. The goals are on a separate menu above.

Here are my “modest” before photos for this round. I forgot to take my shorts so these are my three quarter gym pants rolled up to the knee. My two friends who’ve signed up and I did our fitness test together and took photos of and measured each other so we didn’t have to ask family members. I’m hoping this will give us extra motivation so we can show off to each other in 12 weeks. I’m starting to actually feel sporty when I look at these photos. A special bonus on Saturday was that my weigh-in weight equalled the lowest I measured during Round 2 (72.9kg). So, I’m starting Round 3 the lightest I have been in quite some time.


I actually bought a string bikini on sale at Target last week to use for my official before photos for 12wbt. Noone sees them unless I win something so it felt safe. I’m not about to publish them here. Even when I get fit I still have no intention of wearing them in public, the goal is to simply know that I look okay in them. I might pack them to take on my cruise (NEXT WEEK!!!!) to wear under a beach/sun dress but not on their own.


I went grocery shopping on Sunday with one of my friends who signed up for the same program. As we were walking in we were talking about substituting baby spinach for rocket. A stranger walked up and asked us if we were doing the 12 week program! The rocket gave it away apparently. I thought afterwards that we should have asked to swap contact details so we could catch up during the program and motivate each other. Next time…

I had to go into the bottle-o near the supermarket to buy some red wine for an upcoming recipe. I don’t drink. At all. I was petrified of being spotted by someone from my church or bible study group or anyone that knows me really. You guessed it, a lady I had met at bible study on a couple of occasions was walking out of the supermarket as I headed into the liquor store…

I only needed 1/2 cup and I had heard that you can buy sachets of cooking wine but the fellow there didn’t know what I was talking about so I bought the cheapest bottle of red wine at $6. Then I walked out of the shop with a bottle in a brown paper bag! I think that was actually more embarrassing than walking into the shop.

The guy serving me said the previous customer had also said she only needed 1/2 cup. I wonder if it was the rocket lady?


We’ve got a weird menu plan this week. If this was my first round I might have baulked and not come back! Since it’s my second round I’m prepared to give it a shot – especially since I’ll be on a cruise for weeks 2 and 3.

Aside: My goal is to come off the cruise lighter than when I go on.

Fish stew? Maybe it should have been called tomato stew with fish as a surprise ingredient?


Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. I think I might try it with a little less cajun seasoning next time.


Tomorrow night there’s a treat for dessert – Cacao bites. A tip on the recipe says you shouldn’t make it if you can’t stop at one bite. I’m still tossing up whether to make it. I can stop at one more often now but that’s still not very often.

Have you ever eaten a fish stew? I’d never heard of fish tacos until a couple of months ago and they seem to be cropping up everywhere now.


4 thoughts on “The Less Unfit Test

  1. Pippa says:

    You look great!!! I’m so proud of you going on and being determined to reach your goals. The fish stew (eeewww) doesn’t appeal, but having said that I tried sushimi during our recent time away. THAT was a big hurdle to jump. Your reluctance (re fish in anything other than breadcrumbs or batter 🙂 ) probably stems from our family’s unfortunate experience with raw fish in coconut milk in PNG almost 30 yrs ago. It was A.W.F.U.L!!! However, I ate it during our holiday and was QUITE surprised. Our minds do get in the way sometimes…. I’m glad that you are giving these interesting recipes a go. You have my full support. love, Mum

  2. Your cooking looks so organised all chopped up on their separate plates! I feel the same re the mindset changes.. my numbers didn’t change much during the last round but in my head it’s a lot different. Congrats again, have fun on the cruise!

    • Getting all the ingredients ready beforehand like that is the only way I manage to cook semi-successfully. I need to see that I’ve got everything ready to go and I can’t stand the ‘clutter’ of trying to fit everything on the chopping board. The times blow out if I don’t have everything cut beforehand too because I don’t cut very efficiently either. I’m learning though. 🙂

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