Fun Run (Tamworth Fun Five)

I did my 5km fun run today. I’m certain I did it a few minutes faster than when I ran the same course in 2009. I started the time on my heart rate monitor a bit early so I could concentrate on activating the runkeeper app on my phone. I also forgot to stop my heart rate monitor until a couple of minutes after I stopped. So, I’m guessing that my time was about 38 minutes. My official 2009 time was 40 minutes, 19 seconds.

I had also turned on the auto-pause setting on the app so that if I forgot to turn it off when I got to the end, it wouldn’t matter. I guess I walked for too long at 3.85km because that’s when it turned off.


My ‘plan’, if you can call it that, was to run at least the first kilometre then walk when I needed to. Each walk segment was allowed to be 30-50 steps at the most, then I needed to run/jog again even if only for a short distance. There was a lot more walking in the last two kilometres I think. My time at the 3km mark was about 20 minutes.

I ran the first kilometre and most of the second I think. There was a narrow section of path near the start that we had to walk simply because the people in front of us were walking. There were a few other sections where there was no room to overtake. It’s odd, I’ve never really had the problem before – I’ve always worried about getting out of the way for other people! Hmmm, that makes it sound like I do this type of thing regularly but I don’t. I joke that “Fun Run” is an oxymoron. However, I did enjoy it. And I enjoyed finishing (and burning calories).


I didn’t know anyone else who was running but I did run into a friend there. She didn’t think she knew anyone doing it either. We were at least able to chat to pass the time between registration and starting. And at the end, we found someone else we knew who was happy to take a photo of us.


We didn’t run together as I had my plan and she was using the run as part of a 10km running program she’s working on. We agreed to run at our own paces and catch up at the end. We then went out for lunch (I had a ham and turkey sub from Subway) and hung out for a couple of hours. It was fantastic. I don’t get to just chill very often. I mean, I had plenty of things I should have been doing but it was sunny and I was outside. A rare combination.

We discussed our plan to run the 10km next year. Or maybe the 5km but in a costume (that was an option – to focus on the ‘fun’ of the run). We also talked about maybe giving adventure racing a go. There are a few events coming up soon but the dates don’t really fit, what with my cruise coming up in September, my triathlon in October, and she’s got an 8km cross country event in October.

Have you tried adventure racing? Any tips? Advice?

Now I just need to finish my first round of the 12WBT and get ready for the next one. I’ve set my goals and will load them once this round is finished. Stay tuned later this week for the “after photos”…

Those of you who’ve read my previous posts might get a laugh from this picture (sorry – I found it on facebook, tried to find the original somewhere on the web but I couldn’t. If it’s yours, let me know and I’m happy to give you credit):



2 thoughts on “Fun Run (Tamworth Fun Five)

  1. unfittotrifit says:

    Nice work on the Fun Run! I’m doing my first at the Bridge to Brisbane on Sept 2nd. I like the idea you had about limiting how far you walk! I might just have to try that. I am planning on entering the Triathlon Pink. I’m sooking a little about it though. I’m not sure how my swim leg will be (I’m a swimmer from way back) but being out of the water all through winter I”m a little hesitant!

    • You should definitely do it (Tri Pink). I’m doing the Gold Coast one in October. If you sign up for it – don’t believe them when they say the cycle course is flat! It’s “mostly” flat. It’s a good one to ‘wet your feet’ with (pun intended). I was last out of the pool – by a long way – and everyone was egging me on and cheered when I (finally) made it to the finish. I started the fun run saying I wouldn’t walk more than 30 steps but I modified it to 50 along the way. 🙂 Sometimes I still only did 30 though.

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