Catching up

I’ve been slack again. Blogging. Eating. Exercising. I have, however, signed up for the next round. I think I might have mentioned before that two friends have signed up as a result of my (somewhat limited) progress this round. Since there will be three of us all in the same town we are hoping to keep each other on the ‘straight and narrow’.

I have my Fun Five 5km fun run on Sunday morning. I haven’t done any training really and am just hoping to better my time from my last attempt on the same course a few years ago.

I just discovered bike wrappers after reading this post over at All Seasons Cyclist. I think I have to buy some…

Check it out – yellow (or one of several other designs) on one side, very reflective on the other side for night time riding.

Clicking the image will take you to their website (image from

Here is my latest stat graph. Up again but still down overall. Smile



3 thoughts on “Catching up

    • Thanks Daisy. I just hope the wind dies down – it’s really gusty and bitterly cold at the moment. Lit the fire at home at 11.30 this morning… Not sure it’ll be much of a “fun” run in those conditions. LOL

      • Ooh a fire sounds nice!! It’s pretty cold and windy here today too, I think my lips got chapped just going for a dog walk haha. Hope it’s better for you tomorrow!

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