Why finishing is harder than starting

That was the title of the SORTED newsletter I received today. You can read it here.

It got me thinking. How many unfinished scrapbook projects do I have? How many unfinished home made clothes or mending items? How many packets/folders of both printed and digital photos waiting to be sorted? How about the 12WBT? I started well and now I’ve backed off. A bit like the Star Wars series… first trilogy was great then the second (prequel) trilogy was ordinary.

Here are a few other random thoughts/revelations I’ve had over the past couple of days.

I’ve caught myself thinking “I’ll just ease through these last few weeks and I’ll know what I’m in for and be more prepared for my second round”. Why not just finish with a bang? It’s what I’ve been writing here anyway, telling myself I will. I know what I need to do but haven’t done it.

I’ve also realised one downfall is that I’ve simply swapped the meals I didn’t want to try (seems to have been a lot of fish meals recently) with meals from earlier in the program that I know I enjoyed. In theory, that should be okay. In reality, I didn’t check for meals with similar calorie values and because they were all “12wbt recipes” I didn’t bother counting calories for the day. So I have probably replaced several 260 calories meals with 330 calorie ones…

That was reflected on the scales this morning.

I haven’t eaten chocolate for three weeks now. I really felt like eating one on Monday but I didn’t let myself. The problem was that instead of buying a chocolate, I bought a packet of biscuits to share at the office. I’ll only have a couple, I thought. Yeah. Uh-huh. Riiiiiight.

You probably guessed it, the others in the office got a couple to share between them and I ate the rest of the packet. I wonder whether if I had just bought a chocolate in the first place, I would have been better off. I know I can resist it now, so I shouldn’t be worried about falling into the “just one a day” trap I was in. I might have even discovered that I didn’t like it anymore (as has happened with other sweet treats). I certainly wouldn’t have had ready access to a zillion more calories when one wasn’t enough.

It is highly likely that this also contributed to my weight gain this week. An increase of 700g.


A good thing that happened this week is that I went to the Anytime Fitness gym in Armidale on Saturday in between my conference’s afternoon session and dinner. And I went for a short run on Sunday morning even though it was bitterly cold.


I also ran the 200-250m from the red pin to the green pin but I hadn’t told Runkeeper I was in a different town and it took me that long to stop and check it out because I was SURE I’d gone more than 100m and should have had an audio cue by then.

I took this photo when I was almost back to my motel. Check out the ice/frost on that car!!!!


I’ve decided that organisation is the key for me. The weeks I don’t do well are the ones following the weekends when I’ve been too busy (or out of town) to grocery shop and cook ahead. Oh to live a life that allowed me to simply cook each night when I got home…

Last night I tried to be good. I hadn’t grocery shopped but decided to pop in and grab just enough food to make some mini pizzas. There were no pita bread pockets at all in the shop. I remembered I still had a pizza base at home that I missed when I was cleaning out the fridge/freezer at the start of this program. I decided to use that instead. Bought the topping ingredients and headed home.

Pulled the ricotta cheese out of the fridge (I knew I had some so I didn’t buy any) only to find that it had gone off. Decided to try cottage cheese instead. Okay, so it’s probably obvious to everyone else in the world but I had to bake it in the oven for 10 minutes to work out that in this instance cottage cheese is not a good substitute for ricotta…

Mr K ended up going back into town (to another supermarket) and bought some ricotta, pita pockets and more cherry tomatoes. There are the tomatoes again! We ended up eating just after 8pm and it felt good to have persevered and eaten healthily when he had to drive past several servos and fast food outlets to reach the supermarket and then past them all again on the way home.

On a completely unrelated topic, we had our first enquiry (all the way from Canada) to rent our spare room. We listed it on airbnb back in May. The enquiry didn’t pan out this time but at least I know there are possibilities… What a fantastic opportunity to meet other people!

The highlight of my week is that two of my friends have signed up for Round 3 based on my recommendation and the changes they’ve seen in me. I’m sure they’ll get as much out of it as I have.

This time, I’m going to finish what I’ve started!


Edit: I finally have to change my Facebook page to the timeline format. On August 6 it will change automatically. While looking for a photo to use as my cover image (procrastinating) I found these which reminded me that I CAN finish something!

TP 13 Can barely lift arms but finished and medalFinish Certificate

PS. That swim felt like the longest seven minutes of my life…


7 thoughts on “Why finishing is harder than starting

  1. kirstslifeinblog says:

    Heather you have totally summed up EXACTLY how I think I’m thinking. I know what I’m in for so I’ll just cruise through the last few weeks and then hit round 3 with a bang! Wrong attitude to have entirely when I should be going out with a BANG! But it does feel nice to know that I’m not the only one thinking this way. Love you blog and love this post! THANKS Kirst xo

  2. Heather, remember tomorrow is a new day… a new day to get it right. We all take steps forward only to take some backwards. That’s, well, life. What separates the folks who rebound and take more steps forward from the folks who stay stuck is not beating yourself up for taking a step or two back. Yesterday doesn’t matter. You are doing great girl! So give yourself credit for ALL that you have accomplished! Xx

    • Thanks Tahira. I know that, I really do. Sometimes it just takes a while to get from head to heart. I’m not going to let this week derail me forever though. It’s already ‘tomorrow’ so it’s time I got off the computer… See you around the web.

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