Goodbye Kia

I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t do my fitness test. However, I’ve done it this morning so now I’m typing up this post.

I was a bit disappointed with my weigh in with a loss of only 200g after the big loss last week. I shouldn’t be disappointed because despite all my best intentions, I only made it to the gym on Monday. Then I had some VERY late nights (early mornings) Monday and Tuesday cooking meals because I didn’t do it Sunday night.

Nevertheless, it’s another 200g that I would still be carrying if I hadn’t signed up for the 12 Week Body Transformation.

My stats:


I keep reminding myself that I lost more than 3kg during warm up and pre season too. Overall I’m very happy. Anyway, it’s about more than the weight loss. It’s about changing my attitudes to food and exercise, changing my lifestyle habits and improving my fitness. Which leads to the fitness test.

My 1km time trial today was 2 minutes and 40 seconds faster than the one in week four and 4 minutes and 36 seconds faster than my time in week one! 11 minutes 27 seconds in week 1 and only 6 minutes 51 seconds this morning. It would have been a little bit quicker if I hadn’t stopped to walk while turning up the volume on the Runkeeper app on my phone so I could actually hear the distance cues. I think it was a bit quicker than the other weeks because I ventured out onto the main road so I could run mostly in a straight line instead of 50 gazillion circuits of my back yard.


When I got home I did the rest of the fitness test. I got the order wrong so I attempted the wall sit straight after the run (and subsequent walk back up the hill to my house). Oops. Still, I held it longer than four weeks ago, and a lot longer than I did in week one.

Pushups. I was a bit reluctant to do these. I’ve had problems with my wrists in recent years and my chiropractor told me on Monday that pushups are probably one of the worst things I can do to my wrists. I managed to squeeze out 20 on my knees then decided it wasn’t worth the risk of permanent injury.

Sit and reach. –18cm. Woohoo! That’s 10cm further than I could reach seven weeks ago in week 1. Still not a ‘good’ result but a heck of a lot better than I thought I would get.

14cm gone overall in the eight weeks. I’m not sure that I take my measurements very accurately though. My lack of co-ordination trips me up sometimes. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my weight loss recently though so something’s changed. I think my face shape shows it the most but I don’t know how to measure that.


Considering the small amount of training I have managed to do in the past few weeks, I am extremely happy with my results. I can only imagine what progress I would have made if I’d stuck to the program more rigidly. I’m seriously considering signing up for the next round and focussing more on the exercise since I’ve managed to get the nutrition mostly under control this round.

I’m still chocolate free. I did buy a chocolate muffin yesterday from the coffee man. Most of it went in the bin. It wasn’t very nice (probably every bit as nice as I used to think they were!) and after I opened it I read the nutrition label (back to front – I know) and saw that it contained ONE THIRD of my allowance for the day.

I almost stopped early in my workout on Monday. I had no energy at all. I had burned less than 200 calories at that stage. I told myself to at least finish the treadmill segment. I ended up walking (fast) most of the 15 minutes instead of running. Once I was off the treadmill I decided I’d keep going for a little bit longer until I really couldn’t do any more. I ended up finishing the workout with a calorie burn of 454!

Right or wrong, I went to the gym armed with my week 8 program despite having skipped weeks 5, 6 and 7. It might have been better to start where I left off… Somewhere along the way SPRINTS have been introduced to my plan. These involve getting on and off the treadmill band thing while it’s going at between 10 and 15 km per hour! I probably don’t need to tell you that I wasn’t quite coordinated enough for that feat. I almost face planted, I’m sure the treadmill nearly flipped over, I was incredibly embarrassed, my pulse skyrocketed (might have even stopped for a split second!) and I decided not to attempt that again. Instead, I dropped the speed back to very slow and walked very slowly for the 30 second pauses between sprints. I might have to scour youtube for a video on how to get on and off a moving treadmill…

Also on Monday, I registered for the Fun Five which will be held in August, one of the smaller events held while the Tamworth Ten is run. I did it about three years ago I think. My time was just under 45 minutes from memory. I’d like to beat it this time. If I manage to sustain today’s 1km pace for the full 5km (unlikely at this stage but I’ve got a few weeks yet) then I’d come in at just under 35 minutes…

I have a red flag event this weekend. Two full days at a conference. I will be taking my home made muesli for breakfast on Sunday. I’ve looked up the address of the Anytime Fitness in that town which I have access to through my gym. I’ve had so many rest days this week I need to do at least ‘something’ each day up there. The whole weekend will be sitting around. The theme for dinner on Saturday night is Christmas in July… Eating out. I don’t know where and I don’t know what menu options are.

I didn’t get my exercise done yesterday because I was running around showing off my new car which I picked up yesterday. My little red beast:


The stripes are the reflection of the carport roof. A brand new (now has 50km on it) Barcelona Red Nissan Micra. Goodbye and good riddance to my Kia.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Kia

  1. estaki12wbt says:

    Awesome results – well done! I was going to do my fit test this morning but I forgot and realized half way through my weights workout that I forgot my 1km time trial. Not sure when I’ll get a chance but I will do it. Oh I need to find some time to blog. Have so much to write and I’ve been so slack!

  2. estaki12wbt says:

    I’ve blogged! Woot. Oh I love the new car too. Tell me how do you get the pics of your weight tracker and stats up?

    • I just do a ‘print screen’ which copies it to the clipboard. Then I simply paste into a free basic graphics program (irfanview: Crop. Save. Then insert into my post like a normal picture. 🙂 Takes me about a minute now that I’ve worked out how to do it and learnt the keyboard shortcuts etc.

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