WWW- Success

There was movement at the station, for the word has passed around, that some fat from Heather’s bod’ had moved away…


Wednesday weigh in (Wake. Wee. Weigh.) was a success! Finally. I am able to record a LOSS. A pretty big one for me too (1.2kg). I managed to kick the recent gains and then some.

As you might have read, yesterday wasn’t a particularly good day but I did manage to avoid “the drawer” for the rest of the afternoon. At 10.45pm I was finally on my way home when I realised I hadn’t done the top up grocery shop and I needed ingredients for today’s lunch. Coles closes at 11pm so I had to duck in and out. I managed to grab everything on my list and didn’t pick up any extras (even though I was very hungry and long overdue for dinner) except for another bottle of diet coke. Half of the bottle became “dinner” on the drive home. Once home I also had a bowl of cereal, wondering with each mouthful what impact eating so late at night would have on my weigh in.

I am extremely happy to report that I:

  • have moved under 74kg for the first time this year.
  • am now officially more than halfway from my heaviest recorded weight to my goal.
  • have only 3.6kg more to lose to be the lightest I’ve been in the five years since I hit my heaviest recorded weight.
  • am starting to receive complimentary comments about my appearance. Smile
  • feel like doing a happy dance (where noone can see me).


My official starting weight for 12WBT was 76.7kg. However, I was 80kg when I signed up. I managed to lose 3.3kg during warm up and pre-season. I’ve lost another 3kg since the official start on 4th June.

I have done minimal exercise since the last fitness test so I’m hoping to move it up a notch or two over the next few days ready for the next hopefully-not-quite-as-un-fitness test at the end of week 8. Just one and a half weeks away. Despite the weight loss, I’m a little scared I’ll be disappointed if my fitness has decreased as well. My head knows that I can’t expect to be fitter if I’m not exercising but the heart’s a little slower to grasp that concept.

So, I guess the answer is to step it up so that a lower fitness level is not an option. Then I won’t have to worry!


12 thoughts on “WWW- Success

  1. Pippa says:

    I am THRILLED with your success(es)!!!! Overcoming temptation to eat chocolate… planning and cooking meals ahead …. determination to persevere with the exercise regime… weight loss … 🙂 congratulations!!! love, Mum

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